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DJ-Catalog2 with better SEO settings and other improvements released
13 May 2016
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DJ-Catalog2 with better SEO settings and other improvements released

26 November, 2021

Stable version of DJ-Catalog2 version 3.5.4 was just released. This version brings few new features and bug fixes.

New features

Page Heading Override - this is SEO improvement that allows you to display DJ-Catalog2 product title as H1, H2 or both - learn more how this SEO improvement works.

Show on Google Map link - this new feature lets you display link to big Google Maps map if needed - learn more about this Google Maps new feature.

New version of Filters Module (mod_djc2filters) - now you can select new Filter Type for Checkbox field type - "Checkbox OR" - this way you can allow to filter results with OR option - normally if two checkboxes in filters are selected the system searches for items that meet both attributes, when you change it to "Checkbox OR" it'll search for items that meet one of the selected attributes. 


We've added many minor improvements in this version. The most important are:

How to update?

As usual you have two ways of updating your current version to current 3.5.4:

In both cases everything you already have in DJ-Catalog2 will stay untouched.

Note: Remember to make a backup first! It's always recommeded to backup your site before updates. Learn more about the best practices when upgrading extensions or Joomla itself.

If you have any questions related to this update please post comments below. 

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