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dj-mediatools update to version 2.13
26 November, 2021
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DJ-MediaTools 2.13 brings "Save as Copy" for Albums, Joomla 4 Compatibility, New File Browser, and Exif Data Reader

26 November, 2021

New Joomla Media Gallery Features

Add Images From the Server with the New File Browser

The DJ-MediaTools 2.13 includes a new file browser. You can use it to browse, search, and select the images that you wish to use in your slides.

With the Handy File Manager You Can:

  • Browse, search, and sort existing images
  • Upload new files
  • Create folders
  • Preview and insert images
joomla gallery extension file browser

Filter by Tags in the Articles Album Source Type

When creating a new album, if you choose Joomla articles as your source (items from this source will be displayed in the album), in the filter options you can also select tags to use.

dj-mediatools filtering options

Use “Save as Copy” Feature to Quickly Create Similar Albums

Another new useful feature is the Save as Copy for albums. It's a great time save for users creating multiple albums. You can quickly create all your albums, without configuring them from scratch.

dj-mediatools save as copy

Title Characters Limit Option in the Slide Description

In the DJ-MediaTools item elements options, you can now limit the number of characters in a slide title to show in a description box.

dj-mediatools title limit

Title Characters Limit Option in the Tab of the "Tabber" Layout

The tabber layout options applicable for tabber layout contain a new field: "Tab title limit." 

You can use it to limit the number of characters in a slide title to show in a tab.

dj-mediatools table title limit

An EXIF Data Reader for Pictures

The latest DJ-MediaTools update comes with an EXIF feature. Extensions users can define which info to show for images and in what order.

EXIF ( Exchangeable image file format) is a modern standard used in digital photos, giving the possibility to save metadata information. EXIF metadata gives you easy access to the most essential information about images.

Using this option results in the appearance of a link in the left corner of the image, which displays the data in the popup window.

dj-mediatool exif info
dj-mediatool exif info detailed

Joomla 4 Alpha Compatibility

We have added compatibility with the available Joomla 4.0 Alpha. You can install DJ-MediaTools Joomla Gallery at your installation and make sure that it’s compatible with the upcoming Joomla 4.