DJ-MediaTools 2.15.0 with advanced slider customization, more features and bug fixes released

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DJ-MediaTools 2.15.0 with advanced slider customization, more features and bug fixes released
14 July 2019
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DJ-MediaTools 2.15.0 with advanced slider customization, more features and bug fixes released

26 November, 2021

It took a month since we've released the DJ-MediaTools 2.15.0 Beta version. There are now new features and fixes, and the stable version is finally ready!

We are thankful to everyone who commented on the beta version and shared his suggestions.

Let's make a tour around all significant changes. We have also updated DJ-MediaTools FAQ section and Documentation

Slider font customization

The main new features in this stable release (read beta release note from the Blog to learn more) are related to new slider customization options introduced in "Customize Layout" tab.

See the demo of 3 customized slides

The big changes in slides customization were already introduced in the blog post related to DJ-MediaTools 2.15 [Beta release].

What is new? In short - you can display improved slides using customized fonts, colors, titles, read more buttons, and give your slides unregular shapes thanks to the border-radius feature (Border-radius feature is not available for Skitter Slideshow layout). Read the "Customize layout" tab documentation and discover new features.

These options stayed unchanged for the stable version, but we have added a new one, which is "Description padding." Now you can set the padding values for your slideshow.

Advanced customization possibilities are available for Album modulemenu itempresets and single DJ-MediaTools album settings. For the latest Beta version, they were working with the album module only.

Let's see the available settings, configured as our example here:


Take a look at how a customized slide presents on the front page:

As you see the configuration uses the border-radius feature. 

See how to customize slide in DJ-MediaTools

Center description vertically and horizontally

This function introduces CSS centering for the entire description block with respect to the slide. When it's enabled, a description is always displayed in the center of the entire slide horizontally and vertically.

This option is available also in the "Customise layout" tab. Open this tab and scroll down to "customize description" part. Center description vertically and horizontally works only when the description position is set to "over the image."

See the sample set below. When selecting this option, DJ MediaTools will set the description in the middle automatically. There is no need to enter your parameters.

DJ-Events parameters work in the DJ-MediaTools album

The single DJ-MediaTools album, whose source is DJ-Events, works now with the date format settings configured for DJ-Events ("Global settings" tab).

In addition, the configured date format is displayed along with the DJ-MediaTools album.


You can also find fixes for the issues that were noticed. Comparing with the beta version, the way the PLAY / PAUSE indicators display has been improved. Check the changelog to see the whole list of changes and fixes.

  • (!) Fix DS not defined error
  • (!) Thumbnail now will be changed when thumbnail item was deleted
  • (!) DJ-MediaTools uploader now allows the user to upload jpeg
  • (!) Improved way of displaying PLAY / PAUSE indicators, so they center well even with large sizes of the custom image.

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