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Updated language packs for DJ-MediaTools ver. 2.17
29 August 2021
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Updated language packs for DJ-MediaTools ver. 2.17

26 November, 2021

DJ-MediaTools language packs have been updated for compatibility with the latest version, 2.17. 

Updated language packs for DJ-MediaTools

Six language packs have been updated, and they are 100% complete:

  • Turkish
  • German
  • Portuguese 
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Italian

All packages can be downloaded for free by the active extension subscribers.

Download DJ-MediaTools Language packs

What is DJ-MediaTools?

DJ-MediaTools is a responsive gallery and slideshow extension for Joomla that mixes both functionalities.

Use it to create beautiful galleries or eye-catching slideshows containing images, videos, or content automatically fetched from other extensions.

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DJ-MediaTools 2.17 update

DJ-MediaTools 2.17 is the latest extension version. It brings the Horizontal Swipe layout for Joomla galleries and the new Control Panel layout

Additionally, along with this update, we've refreshed the Joomla extension's configuration options.

Learn more about the latest update: DJ-MediaTools 2.17 - Joomla slideshow and image gallery updated with a new layout and optimized options  

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