Monday, 13 February 2017 16:29
Modified: Tuesday, 14 February 2017 08:11

dj reviews 1 2 2ver

We are happy to inform about updated review and rating extension - DJ-Reviews. This version brings noCaptcha support, better notifications, and few more enhancements.

noCatcha support for unregistered users

You can let non-logged (unregistered) users rate and review the items with DJ-Reviews.

First, be sure that you have reCaptcha noCaptcha enabled in Joomla.

Go to: Extensions -> Plugins -> CAPTCHA - reCAPTCHA plugin, set version to 2.0 and put the Site and Secret key, then save the settings.

reCaptcha plugin

Now you can set DJ-Reviews to allow unregistered users to post reviews and rate the items.

Go to Components -> DJ-Reviews -> Options -> Permissions tab and in Public user group set "Allowed" in Create field then save the settings.

dj reviews allow post reviews

When you set the above - the unregistered users will be able to rate and review the items and will see the noCaptcha.

dj reviews nocaptcha

Better notifications for DJ-Classifieds and DJ-Catalog2 integrations

The administrator can now enable the notifications for users about reviews made for their items.

If you want to enable that feature:

For DJ-Classifieds integration:

Go to: Extensions -> Plugins -> DJ-Classifieds - DJ-Reviews and enable the "Notifications" setting

dj reviews enable notifications

For DJ-Catalog2 integration:

Go to: Extensions -> Plugins -> DJ-Catalog2 - DJ-Reviews and enable the "Notifications" setting

dj reviews dj cat notifications

Once those are set the owner of the advert or product will receive the email about the new review:

dj reviews email notification

No support for Joomla 2.5 and MooTools tooltips

There is no more support for Joomla 2.5. We have also changed the way tooltips work. Now DJ-Reviews uses jQuery/Bootstrap tips instead.