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DJ-Reviews 1.3.6 updated with three new features
23 June 2021
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DJ-Reviews 1.3.6 updated with three new features

26 November, 2021

The updated Joomla rating and review extension has been released. The latest 1.3.6 version brings three new features and one improvement.

New features

New parameter for disabling Schema.org markup 

We've added the new parameter, which enables support for microdata/structured data tags compatible with Schema.org.

The additional option was implemented in the "Rating group" configuration. It appears on the list during creating a new rating group or editing the existing one. By default it's disabled. If you want to enable it, need to set this parameter as "Yes."

After that, the "Content type" field will appear and you'll be able to select the most suitable type of content that describes the reviewed element.

Previously, as this option was not present yet, the parameter was always enabled by default.

Extended category inclusion/exclusion options (Joomla! Articles component)

The Content - DJ-Reviews plugin options are now extended. The configuration allows to either include or exclude selected categories.

This way users can select only a small number of categories in which reviews should be possible. At the same time, the subcategories of selected categories will be included/excluded respectively.

To use the new setting, open the Content - DJ-Reviews Integration plugin. The added option can be found on the list:

"Content elements" page for maintenance purposes

The DJ-Reviews control panel contains a new "page" now. It's the "Content elements" option. 

This is basically a minor change that only matters in terms of maintenance. 

It works on the principle that if, for example, a user turns on a rating for articles (only for tests) and finally does not want to use this rating anymore, entries in the database have appeared because the rating was turned on.

This may result in the appearance of certain elements on the page. In such a situation, so far, in order for the links to disappear, they had to be deleted manually in the database. There is a tool for that right now. Deleted content elements will be visible on the list and the user can remove them.

This option works for all DJ-Reviews integration plugins.

What is DJ-Reviews?

DJ-Reviews is a rating and reviews extension for Joomla, allowing users of the website to rate and review Joomla! articles, DJ-Classifieds ads and advertisers, DJ-Catalog2 and J2Store products.

The website's admin can set its own sets of criteria and assign them to different components or Joomla! article categories. 

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