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Ratings, Reviews, Comments

// You can define your own criteria and set weight of each of them

Weight of criteria will be used to calculate overall rating.


Easy submission

// fast and neat way to post review

Submission of the new rating/review/comment is really easy. The elegant lightbox appears and user can submit the review easily.


Rating criteria

// define your own criterias and their weight


You can define your own criteria and set weight of each of them.

Weight (importance) of criteria will be used to calculate overall rating.


Rating groups

// set the criterias as you want


You can group rating criteria and assign group for each type of content:

  • Joomla articles
  • DJ-Classifieds items (ads)
  • DJ-Classifieds advertisers
  • DJ-Catalog2 products
  • J2Store products


Reviews Module

// list reviews


This module allows you to display reviews in any module position!

You can for example create "5 Latest Best Reviews"


Objects Module

// list rated objects like products, articles, ads, etc


With this module you can list rated objects in any module position

You can for example create:

  • 5 Best rated articles
  • 10 Worst rated products
  • 15 Most reviewed ads
  • 20 Less reviewed advertisers


Words blacklist

// choose the bad words you want to blacklist


Defined words can be blacklisted and will be automatically changed to *****.



// Free plugins


DJ Reviews works with several components

It works with:

  • Joomla articles
  • DJ-Catalog2
  • DJ-Classifieds (ads + advertisers)
  • J2Store


Joomla articles support

// User can review and rate Joomla articles

The rating in the form of stars will be displayed in the article as well as on the blog of the articles.


DJ-Catalog2 product’s rating

// Allow to rate and review products

Products from DJ-Catalog2 can be rated and the rating along with the reviews will be displayed under each product as well as in the blog/table view.


DJ-Classifieds ads rating

// Allow to rate and review classified ads

With the dedicated plugin users can rate and review the DJ-Classifieds items.


DJ-Classifieds advertiser ratings

// Allow to rate and review advertisers

You can also allow to rate and review the DJ-Classifieds advertisers easily. This is really good option to allow users to indicate which seller/advertiser is the best choice for others.


J2Store product ratings and reviews

// Allow to rate and review J2Store products

J2Store integration allows you to rate and review the store items. Rating will be visible in the list of products as well as in product details along with the reviews.

j2store dj-reviews integration


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