DJ-EasyContact is a simple free Joomla contact form module. It serves to display a simple and responsive contact form of a classic form or in a pop-up window. E-mails are sent to the email address you set in the settings. In most cases, the simple email form is enough!


If you already have the package with module DJ-EasyContact ( from download area), start the installation process.

The package should be installed like all other extensions, using the file manager. ( Extensions > Manage )

Upload the package called mod_dj_easy_contact_1.x.x to file manager.

You will receive a message with the installation status. If the installation was successful, you should receive a message:


Installation of the module was successful. When the module has been installed, the next step will be configuration.

When the module has been installed, the next step will be configuration.

Configuring the module

Let’s start configuration of the module!

Go to Extensions > Modules and create a new DJ-EasyContact module.

In the module settings you need to set i.a :

Email parameters

email parameters

  • Load jQuery - set if jQuery will be loaded
  • Styles - choose one from 5 styles available
  • Email in form - choose if email field id is displayed
  • Email Recipient - enter email recipient address
  • Mail from email - set the email of message's sender
  • Sender's name - set the sender's name
  • Default subject - set the default subject
  • Email with thanks - choose if send email with thanks to user
  • Thanks subject - set the thanks subject
  • Thanks message - set the thanks message
  • Enable redirect after form submit - choose if you want to redirect to another page after form submit
  • Redirect URL - set the url address

Text Parameters

text djeasycontact

  • Intro Text -  Set the intro text 
  • Message Type -  Choose tText input or Textarea
  • Message Label - set the message label

Configuring Recaptcha

To use the captcha you need generate keys. You can make it on , press button Get reCAPTCHA, and follow the steps.

captcha djeasycontact 

  • Enable reCAPTCHA - choose between disabled captcha, no captcha and invisible captcha.
  • Site Key - set the site key Secret Key - set the secret key.
  • Invisible Captcha badge - choose the position of Google reCaptcha badge - bottom left, bottom right, inline (above submit button), hidden.

These are the most important settings for the correct operation of the module. A full list of options to be configured along with the description can be found here.

Publish module on your website

When you are already with configuration, it’s time to publish it on your page.

1. On the right side, chose the position in your template

2. Next, go to Menu Assignment and select the page on which the module is to be displayed.

3. Save settings and test your module!

module config djeasycontact

Worth to know

It works with Joomla from settings global configuration. If you receive any e-mails from your site - for example, the creation of an account, our module will also work.