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how files attachments app work

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This application for DJ-Classifieds classifieds extension for Joomla allows users to add attachments to any advert. You can define file formats, allow users to write their own captions or set predefined captions to choose when adding the attachments.


First install the app like any regular plugin.

Then open the plugin. It's under Extensions > Plugins and the plugin is called: DJ-Classifieds - Files Attachments .

You can also find it by filtering the Type for djclassifieds when in plugins:

File attachments app for joomla classifieds

Once you open the plugin you can see the possible configuration:

attachments for joomla classifieds features

the possible options are:

  1. Attachment formats - here you can set all the formats that you allow your users to upload
  2. Predefined captions - Leave empty to allow any caption or put each caption into separate line to make it available as a selectlist
  3. Max. attachments limit (backend) - Enter the maximum number of files which users should be allowed to upload. Set negative (e.g. -1) to allow uploading unlimited number of files in the back-end
  4. Max. attachments limit (frontend) - Enter the maximum number of files which front-end users should be allowed to upload. Enter 0 to deny uploading/managing files
  5. Max. attachment size [KB] - Maximum size of single attachment, eg. 2048 = 2MB. 0 = unlimited/limited by server
  6. Multiple Attachment Upload - Enable/Disable multiple attachments upload

When all is set remember to enable the plugin and click Save.

You're now all set.

How it looks like on frontend

When the plugin is enabled users can start adding file attachments to adverts.

In the submission form when adding new advert there's a new field available: Attachments


Depending on the settings in the plugin the attachments amount will be limited or not.

If no predefined captions were set user can enter own captions or leave the file name.

If predefined captions were set user can choose one of the available options from the select list:

Attachments caption

Once the advert is saved and published the attachments are possible to be downloaded in the advert details:

Attachments app for DJ-Classifieds

As you can see there is some more info about the attachments:

  • file name / caption
  • file format
  • size of the file
  • number of downloads

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This is how Attachments App for DJ-Classifieds works.

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If you have any questions related to the functionalities described here, let us know in the comments!



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