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How to use falang with dj-classifieds

Here below you'll find a short tutorial about how to use FaLang with DJ-Classifieds for Joomla.

This will allow you to translate DJ-Classifieds into any language.

Falang is a 3rd party integrated with DJ-Classifieds. It allows to translate DJ-Classifieds content elements:

  • Categories
  • Items
  • Points Packages
  • Regions
  • Types
  • Custom fields
  • Emails
  • Fields groups
  • Plans
  • Items units


First of all, you need to install a FaLang extension.

Here you can learn more about the installation process for FaLang:

After installing DJ-Classifieds and Falang it is required to install XML files that are necessary for translation of DJ-Classifieds extension. 

XML files are available at the download section here.

Don't forget to publish the "FaLang Language Switcher" module in a position where you want it to appear. All Falang plugins should be also enabled.

To install files you need to:

  • Enter Falang component
  • Go to the "Content elements" bookmark
  • Click "Install" in left -upper corner, find a file and install in the "Install Content Element" Tab.

falang installation1

Installed files are visible in "Content elements installed" tab.

falang installation2

Translation of DJ-Classifieds elements

To translate, go to "Translation" tab in Falang, select the language on the right side and DJ-Classifieds element to translate :

After choosing "DJ-Classifieds Categories" element, you'll see the list of available items.

falang installation categories

Choose the item which you want to translate by selecting it in the left checkbox and click edit from upper menu.

It's possible to change category's title and it's description. Do not forget to mark it as published.

Use the "Save" button when you'll be ready.

falang installation 5

Optionally, you can translate the "Metakey" and "Metadesc" fields too.

falang installation 6

The same process works for the translation of other DJ-Classifieds content elements by selecting an option:

falang installation 7

Here below you can see how looks the DJ-Classifieds Fields Translation option:

falang installation fields

And the picture for DJ-Classifieds Items translation view:

falang installation items

You can also translate the DJ-Classifieds Emails Templates:

falang emails

Translating Menu Position

Choose the element to translate- "Menu" and then choose the language.

falang installation menu1

Choose the Menu position you want to translate.

You can change the name and alias and publish. Do not forget to click the "Save" button.

falang installation 9

We have also another DJ-Classifieds tutorial, where you can see how to translate custom fields values.   



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