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DJ-MegaMenu color customizer

New feature in DJ-MegaMenu allows you to customize the look and feel of your menu. We've added option to modify the colors of the menu the way it'll look exactly as you need.

Color customizer is available only in FULL version of DJ-MegaMenu (not available in Light/Free version)

Once you update DJ-MegaMenu module and move to "MegaMenu Options" tab you can now choose "Custom" as a theme.

dj-megamenu custom colors settings

When you do that you'll see new options to tweak your colors:

joomla menu color settings

You can change colors for:

  • Menu background
  • Menu text
  • Menu Subtitle
  • Active menu Background
  • Active menu test
  • Active menu subtitle
  • Submenu background
  • Submenu text
  • Submenu subtitle
  • Active submenu background
  • Active submenu text
  • Active submenu subtitle
  • Module text

This is how the default menu looks like:

joomla mega menu default theme

And with few changes it can look like this:

joomla megamenu color variation

or like this:

joomla mega menu extension custom colors


The possibilities are endless as you can change colors as you need it.

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