DJ-Classifieds Pricing

The duration we provide for the different subscriptions (3 months, 6 months and 1 year) refers only to downloads of the extensions, their updates, updates via Joomla updater and priority 1:1 support. Once your subscription expires there are NO LIMITATIONS in functionality, however, by having an active subscription you will get access to downloads, receive updates and get support from us. You can keep your subscription active or renew it anytime after it expired with a renewal discount (-25%)

DJ-Classifieds - Single

with Quickstarts*** $125 6 months + Quickstarts Buy now
with All Apps** $150 6 months + All Apps Buy now
with All Apps** & Quickstarts*** $180 12 months + All Apps** + Quickstarts*** Buy now

Other plans (w/o Apps and Quickstarts, Apps can be purchased separately)

MINI $67 3 monthsBuy now
REGULAR $75 6 monthsBuy now
PLUS $110 12 monthsBuy now
Plus EU VAT if applicable

**There are 12 Apps available. All new apps included.
***There are 2 Quickstarts available. All new quickstarts included.

Did you know you can get DJ-Classifieds Apps separately? Check the pricing page for DJ-Classifieds Apps!

Bundle 2019 - DJ-Classifieds

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DJ-Classifieds - Developer


With the developer plan, you can generate an unlimited number of license keys and use it on unlimited websites

DEVELOPER $229 1 year support & updates Buy now
Plus EU VAT if applicable

DJ-Classifieds - Joomla template

with a Joomla template

Directories, e-commerce and more. Joomla templates built with DJ-Classifieds + other extensions.

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Purchasing template + extensions at Joomla-Monster has the same rules as at DJ-Extensions. We're the same company.

All products - Unlimited

All products pack

The PLUS plan for all extensions is now UNLIMITED and have a special new, lower price. No more limits. Create as many licenses as you need!
All products pack contains:

  • 10 premium extensions
  • 12 DJ-Classifieds Apps
  • DJ-Catalog2 Apps
  • 4 Quickstarts

UNLIMITED $299 1 year support & updates Buy now
Plus EU VAT if applicable

DJ-Classifieds - All apps


Subscription Plans App

Create unlimited subscription plans for your users. This way instead of paying for each advert separately you can offer plans that will cover the most popular needs for ads.



Change the way your users can search, browse and order ads. With this application, you can also add a new masonry layout, progress bar, infinite scroll and update the URLs dynamically.


Internal Messaging

Let your users communicate without using emails. That can increase the website engagement as users need to login to your site to read/send messages.


Multi Categories App

Let your users add one advert to an unlimited number of additional categories so one advert will be visible and searchable in more than one category.


Attachments App

Let your users add the attachments to an advert. The attachments can be downloaded. Limit size, a number of adverts and set captions and available formats for the files.


Search Alerts

Users can save their searches and once the new advert that meets the criteria is submitted - they get notified. More engagement for the active users. Keep them coming back every time something they are looking for was submitted.


Invoices App

Integrate DJ-Classifieds with JoomlaThat’s Invoice Manager extension. With this integration, you’ll be able to generate invoices for payments made in DJ-Classifieds by your users.



Extend the functionality of DJ-Classifieds by giving users the possibility of offering their own prices for an item. Offers don't have to be monetary. Buyer can propose his offer (for example 100 USD and an iPhone).


Alta User Points App

AltaUserPoints provides a method for users to accumulate points for performing certain actions on the website. Works with 8 actions from DJ-Classifieds.


Ghost Ads App

Once the advert is deleted by the user the core information about the advert is available under the same URL the active advert was originally published on. (SEO improvement)


Coupons App

This apps brings discount coupons functionality to DJ-Classifieds. Now you can create unlimited amount of coupons and share them with your customers.


Bad Words

The Bad Words App for DJ-Classifieds can be used to filter the adverts with particular words of your choice and stop auto-publishing of the advert when the word appears in the advert.

Apps bundles

You can purchase several Apps at once you if you want to save some money and need more than one App.

DJ-Classifieds with all Apps

You can also get DJ-Classifieds + All Apps

DJ-Classifieds + All Apps - 6 months subscription - $150 - BUY NOW

All products - FAQ

Any questions about pricing? Find out the answers below.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: We accept Credit Cards with Paylane and Paypal payments. It's also available to pay in your local currency with Paylane.

Q: What is extension's license?

A: Once you purchased the extension you get the lifetime license to use the extension. You can see three options when purchasing single extension or bundles - 3, 6 and 12 months. An active subscription is needed for access to download section, updates and "One to One" support on the helpdesk

Q: What happens when the subscription expires?

A: You can use the extension without any limitations as long as you need. The active license gives you updates and support. You can also renew your subscription anytime with discount.

Q: Can I use extensions on several websites?

A: Yes, the extension is GPL licensed, but support is possible for one registered domain only, same for updates. Learn more.

Q: Will I pay VAT?

A: It depends if you're from the European Union and if you have a valid EU VAT ID. Check the article that explains when you will need to pay VAT.

Q: I have other questions, what should I do?

A: Check our Support Center or simply contact us and we'll get back to you with the answers.