Wednesday, 03 July 2019 10:11
Modified: Wednesday, 03 July 2019 15:26

Apps bundles updated

We have reviewed our prices for the App Bundles and made them lower.

DJ-Classifieds App Bundles contain from 3 to 12 Apps and are available in special prices when purchased in a Bundle.

App bundles with updated prices

Each of the App adds more features to our classifieds extension. The most popular apps for DJ-Classifieds are Subscription Plans AppAJAX App, and Internal Messaging.

You can browse all of the apps here.

Below you'll find a table that shows the plans, and their new prices along with the discount applied compared to the old prices.

(If you have an active subscription for one of the App bundles and want to get the discount amount equivalent as a coupon, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it :)

Bundle PlanOld priceNew pricePrice difference
3 Apps - Subscription Plans + Attachments + Invoices $35Buy-$350
4 AppsSubscription PlansAttachmentsInvoices + Multicategories $60Buy-$50$10↓
5 AppsSubscription PlansAttachmentsInvoicesMulticategories + Personal Messaging $65Buy-$55$10↓
6 AppsSubscription PlansAttachmentsInvoicesMulticategoriesPersonal Messaging + Coupons $78Buy-$68$10↓
6 AppsSubscription PlansAttachments + AJAX + Search AlertsPersonal MessagingCoupons $78Buy-$68$10↓
7 AppsSubscription PlansAttachmentsInvoicesMulticategoriesPersonal MessagingCouponsAJAX $90Buy-$80$10↓
8 AppsSubscription PlansAttachmentsInvoicesMulticategoriesPersonal MessagingCouponsAJAXSearch Alerts $100Buy-$92$8↓
9 AppsSubscription PlansAttachmentsInvoicesMulticategoriesPersonal MessagingCouponsAJAXSearch AlertsGhost Ads $106Buy-$98$8↓
10 AppsSubscription PlansAttachmentsInvoicesMulticategoriesPersonal MessagingCouponsAJAXSearch AlertsGhost AdsBad Words $112Buy-$104$8↓
11 AppsSubscription PlansAttachmentsInvoicesMulticategoriesPersonal MessagingCouponsAJAXSearch AlertsGhost AdsBad WordsAltaUserPoints $122Buy-$116$6↓
12 AppsSubscription PlansAttachmentsInvoicesMulticategoriesPersonal MessagingCouponsAJAX + Search Alerts + Ghost Ads + Bad Words + AltaUserPoints + Offers $132Buy-$129$3↓

If you can't see a bundle you're interested in, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , we'll make one for you. 

You can also get DJ-Classifieds with all the apps for $150.

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