Thursday, 05 November 2020 00:00

Joomla 4 Smart Search

Joomla 4 brings improvements and new features. Joomla Smart Search is one of the important new features, which brings a lot of quality. With a “new search”, users can search for most of the site content (articles, tags, users) in a quick and easy way.

Wednesday, 04 November 2020 00:00

DJ-Classifieds 3.8 Beta

The latest Beta version of DJ-Classifieds, Joomla classified ads extension, brings many new features, fixes, and improvements.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 00:00

International Animation Day 

Today is International Animation Day, and we have prepared a special Sale for this occasion!

Tuesday, 27 October 2020 00:00

Joomla 4 accessibility supportOne of the most important features in Joomla 4 is accessibility support. Joomla! offers many features at its core, including built-in accessibility for both frontend and backend templates.  

Monday, 26 October 2020 09:33

Halloween 2020 discount

Come in for a Spooktacular deal, so good it will scare you! Save up 40% on Joomla extensions during our sale. Which products have a Halloween discount? ALL OF THEM!

Tuesday, 13 October 2020 00:00

How to use DJ-Suggester

DJ-Suggester is a Joomla plugin with many handy features. It displays a box with suggested content. We will show how to add and use DJ-Suggester.

Monday, 05 October 2020 15:31

Update Joomla extensions using Watchful

We are happy to announce that our Joomla extensions are now compatible with the update process. You can update our Joomla extensions automatically or with a single click using Watchful updater.

Monday, 05 October 2020 14:25

Media manager Joomla 4From the beginning of its existence, Joomla is becoming better and better and offers Joomla users the best features to create reliable and secure websites. Joomla 4 will introduce new features, including the changed and improved Media Manager.

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