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valentines day-inspired classifieds website
05 February, 2024
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How to set up a Valentine’s Day inspired classifieds website on YOOTheme?

05 February, 2024

Valentine's Day isn't just about expressing affection; it's also an excellent opportunity for businesses to engage their audience and drive sales. With the holiday's allure of love and romance, setting up a Valentine’s Day-inspired classifieds website can be a strategic move to capture the hearts of your users. In this article, we'll explore how you can leverage the power of YOOTheme and our classifieds solution DJ-Classifieds Integrator for YOOtheme to create a captivating and festive online platform tailored for Valentine’s Day.

1. Change your templates style and colours

Fill your website with Valentine’s Day vibes by simply changing your colour scheme. Go for colours that depict the occasion.

  • In Joomla admin panel go to YOOtheme

  • In the menu on the left, go to style

  • Change the colors

2. Add new hero image

Welcome your audience with love. Add a hero image or video to your homepage that embodies the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

  • In YOOtheme builder go to pages - home

  • Add new row

  • Write some slogan referring to Valentine's Day, such as Happy Valentine's Day

  • Edit row and edit column 1

  • Add some image

valentines day inspired template based on yootheme pro and dj-wedding joomla template hero image example

3. Add discount banner

Take advantage of the homepage by adding a banner with a Valentine's Day discount.

  • In YOOtheme builder go to pages - home

  • Select the place where you want to insert the banner

  • Add new section

  • We chose a ready-made panel from our library. You can create a new banner. In the new section, select the panel element and adjust it to your needs.

valentines day inspired template made on yoothemepro and dj-wedding template discount banner example

4. Add a touch of love to your images and graphics

Change the color scheme of your photos. Adjust all icons and add-ons to the new color scheme.

  • In YOOtheme builder go to pages - home

  • Select images or icon that you want to change

  • Add new images or icons

valentines day inspired template made on yoothemepro and dj-wedding template new images example

5. Add a special type in your ads

You can add a new type of ads that will indicate that a particular ad is available in a special Valentine's Day discount.

  • In Joomla admin panel go to Components - DJ-Classifieds

  • Select types

  • Add new type and personalize it according to your needs

  • The ad type will be visible in the list of ads on your site

valentines day inspired template made on yoothemepro and dj-wedding template special ads type example

Celebrate love with the community

This Valentine’s Day, don't miss the chance to show your customers some love. Even a small gesture like revamping your website can have a significant impact on their experience and perception of your brand.

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