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08 August, 2023
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Case study: DJ-Wedding - wedding classifieds solution for Joomla

08 August, 2023

In a world where weddings are cherished as timeless celebrations of love, the need for a comprehensive online solution has never been more vital. Introducing "DJ-Wedding" – a groundbreaking case study that unveils the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies within the Joomla ecosystem. This case study is dedicated to showcasing the remarkable synergy between the Joomla 4.x quickstart website solution, the dynamic DJ-Classifieds Joomla extension, the versatile YOOtheme Pro web builder, and the powerful DJ-Classifieds Integrator plugin.

Weddings are intricate tapestries of moments, emotions, and services that come together to create unforgettable experiences. However, the wedding industry has long faced the challenge of bridging the gap between the digital realm and the profound sentimentality of weddings. Traditional solutions often fell short in delivering a comprehensive online platform that caters to the diverse needs of couples, vendors, and enthusiasts in the wedding ecosystem.

Recognizing this gap, DJ-Wedding emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses the unique demands of the wedding industry. This case study delves into the heart of DJ-Wedding, unraveling how its components synergistically harmonize to shape an online classifieds wedding solution that redefines the landscape of wedding planning and services.

From the outset, the intent of this case study is clear: to illuminate the intricate workings of DJ-Wedding and demonstrate how the combination of Joomla's latest iteration, the sophisticated DJ-Classifieds Joomla extension, the design prowess of YOOtheme Pro web builder, and the prowess of the DJ-Classifieds Integrator plugin culminate in a singular, integrated solution. This solution empowers wedding enthusiasts, planners, and vendors alike to seamlessly connect, collaborate, and create extraordinary wedding experiences, all within the Joomla environment.

As we embark on this journey through the world of DJ-Wedding, we invite you to explore how technological innovation and a deep understanding of the wedding industry converge to create an extraordinary online classifieds wedding solution. Join us as we unveil the transformative power of DJ-Wedding and its role in shaping the future of weddings in the digital age.

Classified ads portal main layout elements

The crucial components required for a contemporary and effective classified advertisements platform are what we'll direct our attention towards at this moment.


The homepage is the de facto showcase of the portal, it provides the first impression for visitors and additionally contains key features. It should contain the brand's logo, key information, images, features relevant to users. In addition, important elements are an ad search engine, the ability to register and log in, and many others.


It is very important to create a clear structure for hundreds or thousands of ads. The ad offers can be divided into many categories depending on your needs. Example categories can be: wedding outfits, decorations, flowers, etc.

Single ad view

The single ad page is extremely important. It must contain a range of information, including title, description, price, additional fields. In addition, such elements as location, data of the advertiser and contact with him are necessary.
Below is an example of such a view.

Promoted ads

In addition to presenting a full list of ads properly categorized, you have the option of presenting them in different groups. These groups can consist of the most sought-after properties, the latest additions or recommended listings. You decide, but it's worth displaying promoted listings, for which you can charge additional fees.

Blog section

The blog section is an extremely valuable part of the site. You can stir up posts related to your site or the industry it covers.
By providing readers with interesting and insightful information, you position your brand as a leader in your industry. You prove that you are an expert and earn their trust, so in the future, when a question arises, they will think to refer to your blog for information.

Contact us

The contact page serves as a platform for users to report issues or seek assistance with their accounts. It must contain pertinent contact details through which users can easily reach the site administrator or support team for any required help or inquiries.

Modern ads portal main features

Let's explore the fundamental functionalities that a contemporary advertising platform should possess. Here are a few instances of characteristics that could greatly enhance the website.

To establish a polished classified ads platform, it's recommended to employ a pre-built solution crafted explicitly for this objective and subsequently customize it to match your particular requirements.

Outlined below are the essential attributes that your platform will probably need:

Registration and profile manage options

Enabling users to register and create profiles is essential as it promotes non-anonymous ads within the ads portal.

User profiles hold great importance in portals as they serve as the basis for algorithms to assess attractiveness and compatibility. By having registered profiles, users can provide relevant information about themselves and their preferences, facilitating the algorithm's ability to match suitable advertisements to their needs. This enhances the overall user experience and improves the effectiveness of the portal's recommendation system.

Important fields during profile registration include:

  • About
  • Contact
  • Email address
  • Location

User profiles

User profiles come with something more than a personal information. Some available options for user profiles include:

  • My Profile
  • Edit My Profile
  • My Bids
  • My Favorites
  • My Ads
  • Order History
  • Sales History
  • Payments
  • Points


Ensuring efficient communication among users is of utmost importance. By implementing a "Contact this advertiser" feature, users gain the ability to initiate email communication directly with advertisers. This option empowers users to effortlessly send messages through the portal, fostering a seamless and convenient communication experience.


Having robust search functionality is paramount for a modern ads portal. The primary objective is to facilitate users in finding their desired ads. The portal should possess the ability to execute diverse search functions, which may include:

  • Keywords search: Enabling users to enter the keywords, they are looking for, allows them to find the chosen ad faster.
  • Location-based search: Providing the option for users to refine their search results based on geographical location, enabling them to find ads available in their desired area.
  • Category-based search: Allowing users to browse ads based on predefined categories, such as bikes, cars, for free.


The classified ads portal can generate revenue for its owner. Here are some potential ways to monetize the platform:

  • Paid categories
  • Promoted advertisements
  • Featured listings
  • Paid ad duration
  • Additional image charges
  • Extra character charges
  • Various ad types

DJ-Classifieds Joomla classified ads extension, included in the DJ-Wedding package, also allows user to pay in points.


Ensuring the safety of online portals is of utmost importance. To safeguard users effectively, essential security measures can be put in place, including:

  • Introducing registration support with Captcha plugins to discourage bot registrations.
  • Offering an abuse report feature, enabling users to report any instances of misuse or violations they come across.
  • Admin verification of profiles, indicated by a special badge on verified accounts, further enhances security measures.
  • Furthermore, the option to assign users to specific user groups can be activated for added protection.

Admin managing panel

The management admin panel plays a huge role for admins. With the most important options you can get control over:

  • Management of member profiles
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities

The cost of creating the modern ads portal

DJ-Wedding quickstart website for Joomla 4.x you can get for €65 only ( 6 months subscription). Of course, you will need a domain and paid hosting to install it. The website, once installed, will be based on the Joomla 4.x CMS, which is free.

An additional cost is the purchase of the YOOtheme Pro web builder from the developer's website. Its price is €129 (1 year subscription.)

To sum up - in the amount of less than €200 you receive all the tools needed to launch a modern, functional car portal.


There are 2 possible ways of the installation.

  • Quickstart installation

The Quickstart is the demo backup (.zip copy) from the demo server. It comes with Joomla, and you install it like a regular Joomla backup made by Akeeba Backup; after that, you get the same effect on demo pages.
You do not need to configure everything from scratch; the installation is easy and will take a few minutes only.

  • Installation from scratch

You get a set of files that allows you to install a website based on the DJ-Wedding template from scratch or install it on an existing website.

More about the installation you can learn from the installation guide.


The DJ-Wedding solution, a Classified Ads Joomla 4.x quickstart website, presents an exceptional opportunity for marketers and advertisers, regardless of their experience level. With its user-friendly design and an extensive range of features, DJ-Wedding stands out as a unique product in the market. Embracing classified ads within Joomla 4.x proves to be a strategic choice for online businesses aiming to showcase their products to a vast monthly audience.

Crafting an attractive and fully functional ads website becomes a seamless endeavor with the DJ Wedding template and the YOOtheme Pro web builder.