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CMS Joomla is one of the most popular Content Management Systems in the world and the number of websites built on Joomla CMS increases every day with the great Joomla community's help.

With its excellent support for features needed by every website that comes out of the box, it is a great system to build reliable websites without a need to install additional extensions to meet the requirements. However, with its massive base of extensions and templates available and checked by the Joomla Extensions Directory team, it's possible to build any website and easily integrate it with existing systems in any company.

Joomla is used on millions of websites. Nowadays, many hosting providers offer a single-click install, getting the new site up and running in just a few minutes. With Joomla, everything is possible.

This post showcase 20 popular websites build with Joomla CMS ordered by its popularity on Alexa ranking. As you will see, Joomla can handle small and high traffic sites with ease.

  1. Eidgenössische Finanzkontrolle stellt sich vor - Eidgenössische Finanzkontrolle

    Alexa Rank - 3,281

    The Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) is the supreme financial supervisory body of the Swiss Confederation.

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  2. Vancouver Design Center

    Alexa Rank - 5,784

    Epson America, Vancouver Design Center, developers of quality electronic devices.

    Popular Joomla Websites 2/20
  3. Casa Rosada

    Alexa Rank - 115,614

    Official website of the Casa Rosada, with news and information about the Government Palace of Argentina, information on guided tours and photos.

    Popular Joomla Websites 3/20
  4. iTWire - Technology News, Technology Jobs Australia

    Alexa Rank - 175,334

    iTWire Technology News & Jobs Australia.

    Popular Joomla Websites 4/20

    Alexa Rank - 311,755

    NPO 3FM is the place for the latest music and the best artists.

    Popular Joomla Websites 5/20
  6. National Crime Agency

    Alexa Rank - 421,629

    The National Crime Agency leads the UK's fight to cut serious and organized crime.

    Popular Joomla Websites 6/20
  7. Northern Railway

    Alexa Rank - 585,570

    Book your train journey directly at Northern. Calling at over 500 stations in the North of England. View train tickets and times.

    Popular Joomla Websites 7/20
  8. Roger Federer

    Alexa Rank - 779,380

    The official website one of the best professional tennis player.

    Popular Joomla Websites 8/20
  9. Office de tourisme du Pays Mellois

    Alexa Rank - 988,735

    Welcome to a warm Tourist Office where the staff will be happy to help you discover our Roman art and natural spaces.

    Popular Joomla Websites 9/20
  10. Site officiel de la ville de La Ciotat

    Alexa Rank - 1,335,017

    Official website of the City of La Ciotat. Find everything La Ciotat online: LIVE News, Your procedures, Access to the Family Kiosk, Programs, agenda, shows, concerts.

    Popular Joomla Websites 10/20
  11. Monaco Yacht Show

    Alexa Rank - 1,351,172

    The world's greatest superyacht event. Each year, the MYS curates the exhibition of 125+ extraordinary one-off superyachts built by the world’s most respected shipyards and welcomes 590 leaders from the yachting industry.

    Popular Joomla Websites 11/20
  12. Italie Reizen

    Alexa Rank - 1,519,652

    Website about traveling in Italy.

    Popular Joomla Websites 12/20
  13. Phelps Brand

    Alexa Rank - 2,384,605

    Phelps - premium swimwear for competition.

    Popular Joomla Websites 13/20
  14. Sparkk TV - Web Series + Web Movies

    Alexa Rank - 3,740,294

    Online TV Network for Original, On-Demand Web Series + Web Movies. Watch online or on your favorite mobile device.

    Popular Joomla Websites 14/20
  15. PragueClassicConcerts

    Alexa Rank - no info

    Sale of tickets for the ballet performances Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet at the Hybernia Theater. Classical music concerts held at Prague Castle and organ concerts in the Church of St. Martin in the wall in Prague. Programs of cultural events in Prague.
    Popular Joomla Websites 15/20

  16. Nintendo

    Alexa Rank - no info

    Discover Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U. Official website for Nintendo in Denmark.

    Popular Joomla Websites 16/20
  17. Musenor, les musées des Hauts-de-France

    Alexa Rank - no info

    Website of the Association of Conservators of the Museums of Hauts-de-France.

    Popular Joomla Websites 17/20
  18. Maquettes en exposition Warbird's Family, un espace en ligne pour vos modèles réduits

    Alexa Rank - no info

    Warbirds-Family allows you to come and share with others your creations, your models of planes, boats, tanks.

    Popular Joomla Websites 18/20
  19. Le Cambronne Bistrot Chic - Restaurant à Nantes place Grasli

    Alexa Rank - no info

    Le Cambronne, ideally located on Place Graslin, welcomes you in a cozy atmosphere and invites you to delight your taste buds.

    Popular Joomla Websites 19/20
  20. Marcq En Baroeul

    Alexa Rank - no info

    The City of Marcq-en-Baroeul invites you to discover its official website.

    Popular Joomla Websites 20/20

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