How to monetize your classified ads portal based on DJ-Classifieds?

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22 May, 2023
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How to monetize your classified ads portal based on DJ-Classifieds?

22 May, 2023

Interested in earning money online with your classifieds website? Everyone may benefit from running a successful classified ads portal. You can achieve that goal using DJ-Classifieds.

Ready to use classified ads software is a complete solution to create a successful classifieds website. It is the advanced and easy to use classifieds software for Joomla CMS offering so many options out of the box.

DJ-Classifieds Joomla classified ads extension gives the possibility to charge the users for several activities. You can charge users for different actions performed on your web page!

Discover all the ways to earn with the Joomla classified ads extension.

Possible ways to earn using DJ-Classifieds

Promoted ads

You can use "promotion" feature for ads. There are 5 types of promotions to choose from:

  • First - The advertisement will be published first on the list of ads. 
  • Bold - The advertisement will be published in bold on the list of ads.
  • Border - The advertisement will be published with the border on the list of ads.
  • Background - The advertisement will be published with a distinguished experience on the list of ads.
  • Special - The advertisement will be published in the module with unique ads.

Move to top

"Move to top" feature allow users to move their ads to the top of the list as a paid option.

When a user clicks the button "move to the top," the current date is used in order, and the ad is moved to the top of the list - similar as this would be a new advert submitted.

Paid categories

You can specify which ad categories will be commercial. If you think a chosen category is very popular or likely to generate a lot of revenue, you can set the price (or price in points.)

Paid durations

Create the duration and decide after how many days the ad will be paid. You can set for how many days will be your duration active and set the price and price in points.

Paid extra images

Charge your users for extra images when adding the advert.  Set how many images can be added free of charge to an ad. When the advertiser exceeds this number, he will have to pay for additional images.

Paid extra characters

Extra characters in the ad description when adding the advert can also be charged.  You can set prices for "Paying for chars in the description". Once a certain number of characters are exceeded, payment will be required. That principle can also be applied to the ad renewal.


The website's owner can charge users for Types. Each creared type can have the price in currency or points, and the user who posts an ad can additionally pay for this type. The most popular is: "Urgent" type that will be more recognizable for website viewers. Other possible types are for example: "For sale", "For exchange" etc.


DJ-Classifieds users can also pay with points and also take advantage of the Subscription plans.


Starting a classified ad website isn’t a way to become a millionaire quickly - consider making a complex plan before you start.

If your classified ad website provides value to your advertisers & visitors you will always be able to monetize it. The more monetization options you are using, the better chances at making money online you will have. You should remember that the value of a classified ads website is defined by the number of listings and active users!

If you want to launch your classified website, then you are on the right path - you just need to apply the unique approach. We hope you find DJ-Classifieds features useful.

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