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New to DJ-Extensions?

How to earn with DJ-Classifieds - check 6 ways you can charge your users

DJ-Classifieds component gives the possibility to charge the users for several activities. Many clients ask which options can be set as payable and how to configure them. 

We have a prepared a full tutorial where you can exactly see all the ways to earn with our fantastic ads extension for Joomla.

How to charge for categories

Open the DJ-Classifieds component.

 Go to "Categories" in the control panel. 

Choose "New". 

 Set the price or price in points.

Now when user wants to add a "New advert" and he chooses a pay category, he sees such view:

How to charge for durations

Create the duration and decide after how many days the ad will be paid.

Open the "Durations" in DJ-Classifieds panel.

Now choose "New".

 You can set for how many days will be your duration active and set the price and price in points.

You can set a new price for Images Prices and Chars prices in Durations tabs. This price will overload the default price for an extra image or extra chars. 

In " Durations " you can also find the " Renew price " option (for a duration, images prices and chars prices).

How to charge for promotions

Open "Promotions" in DJ-Classifieds control panel.

Now you can choose from 5 types of promotions:

  • First - The advertisement will be published first on the list of ads.
  • Bold - The advertisement will be published in bold on the list of ads.
  • Border - The advertisement will be published with the border on the list of ads.
  • Background - The advertisement will be published with a distinguished experience on the list of ads.
  • Special - The advertisement will be published in the module with unique ads.

Choose a promotion that you want to edit and click it. As you see in the example below, you can set the standard price and Price in points.

And that's how the promotions look from the Front view (when the user is adding a new ad):

How to charge for promotion "Move to top".

There is one more promotion available: "Move to top".

Read more about it here.

"Move to top" option you can activate it on the list of your existing ads only:

It's configurable at DJ-Classifieds Options panel in "General Settings". You can set whether it is active or not and put the regular price or price in points.

How to charge for extra images when adding the advert

Open the "Images" tab in DJ-Classifieds options. As you can see on the picture below you can set the Extra image price and image points price.

When you already typed the price. Click "Save".  Now let's see how it looks on the front page during the adding new ad process:

There is also a possibility to set the "Extra image renew price".

How to charge for extra characters in the description when adding the advert

You can set prices for extra chars in advert description. Go to  DJ-Classifieds  Control panel.

Open "Options" and Choose a "Global " tab.

Scroll down, make "Description character payments". You need to set "Paying for chars in the description" as "Yes".

You can configure several options:

The effect is visible on the front page when adding a new advert.

You can also set the "Renew price " option for Description characters payments.