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'Move to top' feature

"Move to top" functions is another monetizing option in DJ-Classifieds.
You can allow users to move their ads to the top of the list as a paid option.
When a user clicks the button "move to the top," the current date is used in order, and the ad is moved to the top of the list - similar as this would be a new advert submitted.

To enable the "Move to top" feature for your users, you have to set two parameters:

  1. in global options set "Prom. 'move to top'" to 'yes' and set normal price and price in points for using this promotion (you can enter 0 to make it free)
  2. in Views options, set "Default ordering" to 'Add date including promotions'

Differences between "Move to the top" and "First on the list" promotions

In this case, when browsing the adverts listing, those adverts are always on the top of the list, no matter if sorting by "Added (sort by date)" or "Name" is used. However, the selected sorting will also apply for the "First on the list" items and sort them accordingly (but they will always stay on the top). In short, "First on the list" promoted adverts will appear above the "Move to the top" promoted adverts.