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Yootheme PRO update to version 4.3
14 February, 2024
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YOOtheme Pro update - Meet New Features Introduced in the Version 4.3

14 February, 2024

The latest version of YOOtheme Pro 4.3, brings a trio of significant features. Now, effortlessly transform sliders or slideshows into dynamic parallax animations with a single click, enhance layouts by adjusting element and content heights to seamlessly fill columns, and ensure your sticky navbar maintains transparency at all times. YOOtheme Pro 4.3 also comes with further improvements and fixes.

What is YOOtheme Pro?

YOOtheme Pro is a trendy Page Builder compatible with both leading OpenSource CMS'es, Joomla, and WordPress. It brings ready-made, modern layouts suitable for different types of websites.

The YOOtheme Pro page builder allows you to create layouts with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and see its preview in real-time.

YOOtheme New Features

Slider and Slideshow Parallax

YOOtheme Pro now offers the capability to effortlessly create captivating sticky parallax effects. Previously, crafting such layouts from scratch demanded considerable time and effort. However, with just a single click, it's now achievable. Thanks to UIkit 3.18, elements like Slideshow, Overlay Slider, and Panel Slider now feature the option to activate parallax animation. Experience a seamless viewing experience as all slides transition smoothly while scrolling down the page. While navigation is disabled, the active slide remains visible.

Furthermore, the Overlay Slider element has been enhanced to display its overlay not only on hover but also when the slide comes into view. This enhancement pairs exceptionally well with the parallax animation, as the overlays elegantly reveal themselves as you scroll down the page.

This effect is compatible with all types of sliders and slideshows from the element library, offering a myriad of possibilities to design striking layouts with sticky parallax effects.

Expand Height

The Rows feature in YOOtheme now enables users to customize the height of card-style elements, with recent updates eliminating certain limitations. Furthermore, the Panel element introduces a new capability to match its height with the column it resides in. This functionality seamlessly integrates with any panel style (whether it's card, tile, or without background) and ensures that the panel's height corresponds to the content in neighboring columns. Irrespective of the content type within these columns, be it text or arrangements of cards, the panel dynamically adjusts its height to occupy the available space.

Likewise, this height-matching feature is now applicable to Image and Video elements, enabling users to extend their height to fit the column space. The content box of these elements encompasses the original image or video source, reflecting the behavior observed with background images. Additionally, when modifying the height of multiple panel elements, users can align their "Read More" buttons at the bottom. By simply filling the available space within the element itself, such as by expanding the content, users can easily relocate the button as desired.

Transparent Header

The Hero sections within YOOtheme Pro now offer a transparency feature for headers. When the navigation bar is set to sticky, scrolling below the hero section reveals the default navigation bar without transparency. However, a new option enables header transparency on each page, even when the navigation bar remains sticky. With UIkit 3.18, the fixed navigation bar dynamically adjusts its color based on the background section. Moreover, there's now the ability to customize different segments of the navigation bar with distinct colors.


In this blog post, we've focused on the three most important new features. If you would like to learn more about the new features introduced by version 4.3, we encourage you to read the extensive post on the developer's website.