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08 January, 2024
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The Year 2023 review and our plans for the 2024

08 January, 2024

Check out our plans for 2024 and a quick summary of the past 12 months.  Each of us experiences the year-end as a period of reflecting on the past year and making New Year predictions, and this holds true in our situation as well.

Last year in recap

The year 2023 was another difficult year for the world, but we've got it behind us. We had a lot going on, with new products (plugins and templates) and updates. We've been publishing a summary of the past months for a while now, so you can learn a lot from our blog posts:

Below we have listed some of the highlights from DJ-Extensions:

New products

DJ-PreSchool WCAG quickstart website

Discover this Joomla 4.x and WordPress WCAG solution for a functional kindergarten web page. It's bases on the YOOtheme Pro web builder.

DJ-TOC plugin

DJ-TOC is a new Joomla and WordPress plugin, designed for the YOOtheme Pro web builder. With DJ-TOC, you can easily create dynamic and automatic tables of contents for your articles.

DJ-Classifieds Light

DJ-Classifieds Light is a limited but fully functional version of our classified ads component. It's designed to give you a taste of what DJ-Classifieds can do while keeping things free and accessible for Joomla website owners.

New DJ-Classifieds quickstart pack

DJ-Classifieds extension has a new Joomla 4.x quickstart package based on the new demo site. The DJ-Classifieds quickstart package is the easiest way to create functional classified ads Joomla 4.x website.

Along with the DJ-Classifieds Regular plan (or the Unlimited plan), extension users get access to all apps and quickstart packages. Installing the Joomla 4.x quickstart package you can quickly achieve the same effect that you can see in our new Joomla 4.x demo site

DJ-Wedding Joomla 4.x website quickstart

DJ-Wedding is the perfect Joomla 4.x template for creating stunning wedding websites.

This solution is designed to make the website creation process as easy and enjoyable as possible, thanks to its use of the powerful DJ-Classifieds extension and YOOtheme Pro web builder.

DJ-Dating Joomla 4.x website quickstart

DJ-Dating is a great Joomla 4.x solution for those who want to create a professional dating portal.

It's based on the DJ-Classifieds component, and YOOtheme Pro web builder. The solution can be used by those creating a dating portal and developers working for clients, including business owners who want to increase their revenue by offering online ad presentation. 


In the previous year we also updated several extensions, plugins, themes and templates. There are too many to list them all. The most important updates were:

Joomla 4.x compatibility updates


DJ-SelectMenu is a free menu module for Joomla popular with users.  The latest version of the module is compatible with Joomla 4.x.

Joomla free modules

The set of free, useful modules for Joomla is compatible with Joomla 4.x.  

DJ-Classifieds Importer

DJ-Classifieds-Importer component is a Joomla solution that provides an option to import any data to DJ-Classifieds extension.  The component is fully compatible with Joomla 4.x and available for download for all active DJ-Classifieds subscribers.


DJ-jQueryMonster is a free Joomla plugin that resolves the conflicts with jQuery. It's a popular tool among users. Many of them have asked us to upgrade it to Joomla 4.x.

We decided to meet their suggestions and the latest version of the plugin compatible with Joomla 4.x is now available for download in the download section.


DJ-League is a free sports extension for Joomla popular with users.  The latest version of the extension compatible with Joomla 4.x is now available for download in the download section.


DJ-EasyContact is a simple Joomla contact form module popular among our users. The free module is compatible with Joomla 4.x and available for free download.

Products updates

Many extensions and templates have been updated last year. We will now list just a few of the most important updates.


DJ-Classifieds 3.10 is the version that introduces new features, improvements but also bug fixes. The changes concern not only the component itself, but also included modules, plug-ins and apps.


Along with the ver. 4.1.0 we've not only introduced an array of cutting-edge features, but we've also fine-tuned the entire experience with a multitude of enhancements and fixes.

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator

Version 1.8.14 introcudes few bug fixes and one change: added extra fields as dynamic content's Product attributes.


Updated plugin's version 1.2 came with 3 new features and one bug fix.


The DJ-Accessibility plugin version 1.11. The latest update (for Joomla and WordPress) came with many changes, including new features, bug fixes and improvements. Most important new features were the possibility to add custom links to the panel, and set a different layout for the mobile.

Other changes

We've introduced the hosting services. The offer includes high-quality hosting packages with ample RAM, CPanel access featuring anti-virus protection, and a REDIS server that will triple your website's speed.

You can also get the Free hosting account for Joomla & WordPress. If you purchased or renewed the "Unlimited" plan, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a special offer. You can obtain a free hosting account on our fast and efficient dedicated server, which is used by only a select group of clients. That ensures that the server is not as burdened as regular hosting servers that accumulate hundreds of accounts on a single machine.

Plans ahead 2024

Many users ask about the products compatibility with Joomla 5. Most of our extensions works with Joomla 5 with Backward Compatibility Plugin enabled. We've already informed about the fact here

It is certainly worth mentioning that we are finishing work on a Joomla 5 compatible version of DJ-Catalog2, to be released in January.

However, we will soon be publishing a blog post dedicated to Joomla 5 compatibility - to bring the important information together in one place.

We plan to launch a new customer area by the end of the first quarter of 2024. It will include:

  1. All services in one place:
  • DJ-Extensions products
  • Hosting
  • Domains
  • Technical support
  • Other services and implementations

 2. New support system
 3. Accounts receivable and invoices - there will also be integration with the company's accounting system
 4. Manage services directly from the customer panel
 5. Ordering new services
 6. Activation of automatic service renewals (can be disabled in the customer panel)

The process will have several steps:

  1. Launch of the new ticket system - that has already happened!
    New tickets are handled in the new ticket system. Old tickets continue to be handled in the old panel - until they are completely finished
  2. Transfer of products from DJ-Extensions and the download section to the new customer area
    Purchased components and plugins will be available for download directly in the customer panel in conjunction with the purchased product
  3. Launch of the new update stream and authorization system
  4. Launch of the new license manager
  5. Migration of customer data and their subscriptions to the new panel

We will describe the migration process before it is launched and will keep you updated.

Once the whole procedure is launched, an attempt to log into the account will trigger the data migration action. The customer on the screen will be instructed step by step and will see what things from his account have already been migrated.

During the migration, the customer will be asked to fill in the data for the invoice (if such data has not yet been entered in our system - for example . the purchase was made by Paddle)

Once the migration is complete, the panel login (redirection) will be activated.


We have just concluded the festivities welcoming the New Year. We trust that you are content with our efforts throughout 2023, and we are committed to launching and enhancing our products continuously to better meet your needs. The upcoming year, 2024, is expected to bring significant challenges and demanding tasks.

We express our gratitude for your ongoing presence!