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07 November, 2023
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The month of October in summary

07 November, 2023

As we transition to a new month and bid farewell to the passing days of October, it's time to reflect on the whirlwind of activity that swept through our company.

With eight insightful blog posts, we chronicled the month's events, updates, product releases, and captivating case studies. It was indeed a month filled with hard work, innovation, and growth. Join us as we revisit the highlights of October 2023 in our "Month in Review" blog post, and discover the stories that shaped our journey.

[UPDATE] DJ-Catalog2 4.1.0 with a bunch of new, useful features!

DJ-Catalog2 got a major upgrade. We've added new features including:

  • Link Currency to Language: Now, effortlessly adapt your currency to your website's language, making global sales a breeze.
  • Extra Media and HTML Fields: Make your products shine with more images, videos, and rich content to captivate your customers.
  • New admin menu: Say goodbye to complexity with our fresh admin menu. Managing your catalog has never been this easy!
  • Omnibus Directive Support: Stay compliant with the latest regulations. DJ-Catalog2 has got you covered!

[Update] Joomla 4.x WCAG Quickstart Websites

All WCAG templates for Joomla 4.x did have an update.

Key Highlights:

  • Joomla 4.x Compatibility: We've seamlessly integrated the latest Joomla 4.x version, ensuring that you're up to date with the latest features and security.
  • YOOtheme Pro Integration: Our templates now work harmoniously with YOOtheme Pro, providing an even more powerful and flexible web design experience.
  • Download the Latest Versions: Active subscribers can access these updates right away from the Download section. Stay ahead of the curve with enhanced performance and accessibility.

[Update] Joomla 4.x classified ads quickstart websites

We've just rolled out new versions, and it's packed with improvements that will take your classified ads website to new heights. Our quickstart websites have been enhanced for seamless integration with Joomla 4.x, YOOtheme Pro, and a bundle of handy extensions.

[UPDATE] DJ-Classifieds Importer Component with the Joomla 4.x compatibility

The DJ-Classifieds Importer component has just received a major update. The component makes it a breeze to import data into DJ-Classifieds, and it's now compatible with Joomla 4.x!

Joomla 5.0 official release

The Joomla! Project has reached a significant milestone with the official release of Joomla 5.0, alongside Joomla 4.4. This achievement comes after two years of dedicated effort, including discussions and code sprints.

The latest DJ-Catalog2 Integrator update introduces new features and improvements!

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator Plugin version 1.8.16 introduces some fantastic improvements, including Edit Product Parameters feature: it allows you to modify product parameters like price, stock levels, and more directly within the builder. Say goodbye to the hassle of jumping between windows. This enhancement is designed to save shop owners valuable time and make managing products a breeze.

[UPDATE] DJ-Accessibility 1.11 with the possibility to add custom links and setting a different layout for mobile

The latest 1.11 version of the DJ-Accessibility plugin (for both Joomla and WordPress), comes packed with exciting features, bug fixes, and improvements. 

Most important new features are:

  • Custom Links: With the new "Custom links" feature, you now have the power to tailor your website's accessibility panel to your specific needs. 
  • Different Mobile Layouts: One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to web design. DJ-Accessibility now allows you to set different layouts for mobile devices, providing a seamless and customized experience.
  • PHP8.2 Compatibility (Joomla!): we've fixed a PHP warning issue related to modules when running Joomla on PHP8.2,

Case study: Manors and Palaces - a powerful Joomla portal with ads and an online store

Let's take a closer look at "Manors of Poland" a nationwide portal dedicated to cataloguing residential buildings. This portal showcases a wide range of properties, from forgotten places to active businesses such as hotels, restaurants, museums, and cultural centers. The "Manors of Poland" portal serves as an excellent example of what Joomla can achieve. 

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