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26 October, 2023
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Case study: Manors and Palaces - a powerful Joomla portal with ads and an online store

26 October, 2023

Dwory i Pałace Polski is a nationwide portal dedicated to cataloguing residential buildings. Objects described on the website include both abandoned, forgotten places and those in which their owners currently run their businesses, e.g. hotels, restaurants, museums or cultural centres. There are also those that no longer exist, but some trace, a memory or an old photograph has remained. They all have one thing in common - human memory, thanks to which they will not be forgotten.

The DIPP website perfectly demonstrates how our products can be used. The portal is innovative and functional. It exploits the potential of our DJ-Classifieds and DJ-Catalog2 components. With these, the portal features an online bookshop and an advertising portal. The website is built on the basis of the web builder YOOtheme PRO, which makes it significantly easier to manage.

In this blog post, we would like to focus attention on the key features of the portal and present which products were used to create it.

Manors and Palaces of Poland - an extensive portal based on CMS Joomla

It's a portal, which is based on the popular content management system - Joomla and uses the advanced web builder YOOtheme PRO. This combination makes the management of the portal seamless, exceptionally intuitive and allows independent administration of the site, without the need for programming knowledge.

DJ-Catalog2, the eCommerce solution for the online bookshop

The online bookshop on the Manors and Palaces of Poland website is based on our powerful eCommerce solution, DJ-Catalog2. It's a tool that allows you to flexibly manage your products, categories and offers. Whether you run a small bookshop with a few items or a large online shop with thousands of products, DJ-Catalog2 offers unlimited possibilities. You can showcase traditional books as well as e-books and, thanks to the integration with the web builder YOOtheme PRO, customise each product by adding descriptions, images, multimedia and much more.

A clear browsing, filtering and shopping system allows customers to navigate the bookshop. DJ-Catalog2 also allows for flexible management of prices, taxes and discounts, making commercial processes much easier. Payment gateway plug-ins allow the use of many popular platforms. With our eCommerce solution, the portal has gained the ability to create an online bookshop and start selling with all the required features for a professional online shop.

What should you know about DJ-Catalog2?

DJ-Catalog2 is a Joomla 4.x directory and eCommerce extension, allowing to build a modern directory or eCommerce website quick and easy. 

DJ-Catalog2 is simple to set up and provides responsive output without the need for advanced configuration.  The  component integrates with the site's template and design. It also has multilingual and RTL support.

What’s more, the site admin can easily manage an unlimited amount of:

  • directory categories and subcategories
  • directory products (also child products/product's variants!)
  • producers
  • images
  • videos
  • attachments
  • custom fields
  • locations
  • customers
  • queries

DJ-Classifieds, the classified ads portal for historic buildings

DJ-Classifieds made it possible to introduce a classified ads portal on the website. The solution made it possible to create a space for real estate agencies and owners of historic residential buildings. Our component allows to introduce many useful features to the portal, such as the introduction of ads in multiple categories, the addition of additional fields or the introduction of subscription plans.

It offers the addition of various types of ads: sales, rental, special events or special offers.

Adverts can be highlighted in many different categories. It is easy to search for ads by different categories, such as regions or price range.

What should you know about DJ-Classifieds?

DJ-Classifieds is a Joomla 4.x classified ads extension purposed for creating ads portal.

The classified ads extension is suitable to create any classifieds. It does not matter if you want to create a general ads section, job listing, real-estate ads, dating portal, or city portal classifieds.

DJ Classifieds comes with many useful features and brings you extra revenue by monetizing the many options available to users.

DJ-FlipBook - the PDF reader

Thanks to another of our plugins, DJ-Flipbook, the site visitors can read free e-books. They can also download them.

What should you know about DJ-FlipBook?

DJ-FlipBook is a Joomla 4.x plugin / YOOtheme Pro element, purposed for displaying PDF files in a fancy flipbook.

Take advantage of extended options and reap the benefits of displaying PDFs in a modern way!

Attract your website visitors and give them a pleasant reading experience with a fancy file viewer.

The plugin allows a user to create eye-catching files cards (along with images and descriptions) easily.

Main DJ-Flipbook features are:

  • PDFs rendering
  • Easy and intuitive files cards creation
  • Advanced settings


Manors and Palaces of Poland is an excellent example of how our products can be used to create a powerful, comprehensive web portal. They allow you to offer users a unique experience while increasing the commercial potential of your site.

Contact us to find out how our products can help you achieve similar success. Your project can become unique and attract new users by offering a wide range of content and shopping options.

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