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01 December, 2023
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Get the Free hosting account for Joomla & WordPress

01 December, 2023

Our offer has been extended by hosting for Joomla! and WordPress. Now you can get a high-quality hosting packages with ample RAM, CPanel access featuring anti-virus protection, and a REDIS server that will triple your website's speed. The hosting services is available in 5 different subscription plans.

How to get a hosting account for free

Hosting plan is free with a new (or renewed) Unlimited Plan subscription. If you purchased or renewed the "Unlimited" plan in the last week, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a special offer. You can obtain a free hosting account on our fast and efficient dedicated server, which is used by only a select group of clients. That ensures that the server is not as burdened as regular hosting servers that accumulate hundreds of accounts on a single machine.

The dedicated server ensures a lighter load compared to regular hosting servers that accumulate hundreds of accounts on a single machine. We are offering you the DJ10 Professional account with exceptional features, regularly priced at €58.75 on an annual basis.

What’s included in every plan?

  • Optimized for Joomla! and WordPress

  • Hosting on our efficient dedicated server

  • free SSL certificate!

  • Fast connection

  • cPanel

  • Anti-exploit monitoring

  • Redis & LiteSpeed

  • Application autoinstaller

  • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2440 40GHz / 24 cores

  • 6GB RAM for each account!

  • SSD drive

  • Multiple versions of PHP

  • Unlimited transfer

  • Unlimited number of FTP accounts

  • Unlimited number of email accounts

  • Unlimited number of databases

  • Unlimited number of subdomains

  • Daily backup

Buy high-quality hosting packages

You don't have an unlimited plan and want to take advantage of our hosting offer? Check out our hosting packages.