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03 January, 2024
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The month of December in summary

03 January, 2024

Welcome to 2024! As we bid farewell to December, let's dive into the exciting happenings at DJ-Extensions. Brace yourself for a flurry of updates – from insights on free hosting accounts to cutting-edge plugin releases for Joomla and WordPress.

Explore the revamped WCAG WordPress themes and meet our latest creation, a charming WordPress theme tailor-made for kindergarten websites. Don't let the details slip through the cracks; stay in the loop and stay ahead. Because in this fast-paced world, missing out is simply not an option! Dive into the buzz now!

Get the Free hosting account for Joomla & WordPress

Our offer has been extended by hosting for Joomla! and WordPress. Now you can get a high-quality hosting packages with ample RAM, CPanel access featuring anti-virus protection, and a REDIS server that will triple your website's speed. The hosting services are available in 5 different subscription plans.

Hosting plan is free with a new (or renewed) Unlimited Plan subscription. If you purchased or renewed the "Unlimited" plan recently you have the opportunity to take advantage of a special offer. You can obtain a free hosting account on our fast and efficient dedicated server, which is used by only a select group of clients.

[NEW RELEASE] Use DJ-TOC to create automatic tables of contents for Joomla articles

We're happy to announce the release of our latest Joomla plugin, DJ-TOC, designed for the YOOtheme Pro web builder. With DJ-TOC, creating dynamic and automatic tables of contents for your articles has never been easier.

DJ-TOC plugin for WordPress: create automatic tables of contents in your articles!

DJ-TOC plugin is now also available for WordPress!

DJ-TOC is a brand new plugin, designed for the YOOtheme Pro web builder. With DJ-TOC, you can easily create dynamic and automatic tables of contents for your articles.

[Update] New Versions of WordPress WCAG Quickstart Websites have been released

All WCAG templates for WordPress (based on the YOOtheme Pro web builder) have been updated. Our offer brings three such WCAG themes.

These updates encompass the integration of the latest WordPress version, YOOtheme Pro, and included plugins as well. For more comprehensive details, please read the changelog information.

DJ-PreSchool - the WCAG quickstart solution now available for WordPress!

DJ-PreSchool is the brand new, WCAG website quickstart, purposed for a kindergarten, nurseries, and children's educational institutions. It works with the YOOtheme Pro web builder and brings all the features you need to have a modern, accessible website compliant with WCAG requirements.

In November, we've released the Joomla version and now it's also available for WordPress!

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