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04 December, 2023
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[NEW PLUGIN] Use DJ-TOC to create automatic tables of contents for Joomla articles

04 December, 2023

We're thrilled to announce the release of our latest Joomla plugin, DJ-TOC, designed for the YOOtheme Pro web builder. With DJ-TOC, creating dynamic and automatic tables of contents for your articles has never been easier.

DJ-TOC plugin

DJ-TOC is another plugin based on a YOOtheme Pro Page Builder. YOOtheme Pro is a trendy Page Builder compatible with leading OpenSource CMS'es, Joomla, and WordPress. It brings ready-made, modern layouts suitable for different types of websites.

Effortless TOC Generation for Seamless Reading

Say goodbye to manual table of contents creation – DJ-TOC automates the process by generating dynamic tables of contents based on headers h1 to h6 within your articles. This feature is particularly beneficial for lengthy texts, such as terms and conditions, privacy policies, and more.

Tailor-Made Customization for Your Unique Style

DJ-TOC doesn't just stop at automation; it empowers you with customization options to ensure that your table of contents aligns perfectly with your website's design and style. Easily apply styles to each level, and for that extra touch, assign unique icons to individual levels.

Progress Bars for Visual Engagement

In the element settings, take control of the progress bar's height and color. Enhance the visual appeal of your articles and keep your readers engaged with a progress bar that complements your website's aesthetic.

Define Header Appearances with Ease

When it comes to headers, DJ-TOC provides you with the flexibility to define their appearance effortlessly. Fine-tune the look of your headers to seamlessly integrate them into your overall design scheme.


You can get DJ-TOC in three different pricing plans:

  • 6 months subscription for €15
  • 1-year subscription for €20
  • Unlimited Plan for €197

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