Easy to use Joomla event calendar


In DJ-Events you can create unlimited categories, events, and tags.

You can even import your events from JEvents!

Front-end management

Allow your users to add events on the front-end. Let them post information about cultural or sports events in the neighborhood. Use advanced ACL to set permissions for each user group.

Google maps support

The location is often an essential factor. Thanks to Google maps support, the exact location of each event can be displayed on the map.



Make searching for fabulous events easy with tags. You can add the unlimited number of tags for each event.

Recurring events

Create daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly events with no end date restrictions. Decide if your event takes place on every 3rd day of the month or maybe on every first Sunday of the month!


Images and videos

Don’t just describe your events. Show them! You can upload images to create a gallery for each event. Drag and drop multiple images to upload them at once. And that’s not all! You can even play a video from Youtube or Vimeo

Integration with DJ-MediaTools

Show upcoming events in a slideshow or gallery. DJ-Events integrates with DJ-MediaTools.

Learn how to set the integration

Flexible modules

DJ-Events comes with useful modules like:

  • search module
  • calendar module
  • tags module
  • maps module
  • items module


DJ-Events Features

  • Recurring events
  • Locations details with Google Maps integration
  • Tags
  • Price information
  • External URL of the event
  • Media - pictures and videos
  • Calendar module
  • DJ-MediaTools integrations
  • Search module
  • Tags module
  • List events by week or show all events in one
  • Friendly admin panel
  • Events can be categorized so the search module can handle deep filtering for the category, keyword and dates (from - to)
  • Front-end submissions
  • JEvents import