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31 March, 2022
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Profitable Thursday - all Joomla 4 extensions are 50% OFF

31 March, 2022

Are you looking for Joomla 4 extensions? Our Profitable Thursday Offer is an excellent opportunity to get them for half price!

All Joomla 4 extensions from our offer are today available with a 50% discount!

Discount details

Now you can get all Joomla 4 extensions for half price!

Our offer includes extensions fully compatible with Joomla 4:

  • DJ-Catalog2 - Simple and powerful shop/directory/product catalog and eCommerce Joomla 4 extension.
  • DJ-MegaMenu - Accessible Joomla 4 menu extension with many possibilities to set up the menu. 
  • DJ-Events - Joomla 4 events and calendar management extension. 
  • DJ-MediaTools - Joomla 4 extension for galleries, slideshows, sliders. 
  • DJ-Tabs - Joomla 4 extensions for displaying content in tabs or accordion layout. 
  • DJ-Catalog2 Integrator - Plugin integrating DJ-Catalog2, the catalog, and eCommerce solution with YOOtheme page builder. 
  • DJ-Accessibility - Accessibility plugin dedicated to the YOOtheme Pro page builder.
  • DJ-ContentFilters plugin - Plugin for creating unlimited search filters for your directory of content based on Joomla! Articles and Fields.
  • DJ-FlipBook - plugin purposed for displaying PDF files in a fancy flipbook.

To take advantage of this offer, enter the coupon code at the checkout page: PROTHU

This offer starts now and is available today only on 31st March (23:59 GMT+1), so be sure you grab this opportunity before it's gone.