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03 March, 2022
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Profitable Thursday - all YOOTheme extensions 50% OFF

03 March, 2022

Let's make Thursday another successful day of the week!

We are starting a brand new offer: Profitable Thursday - each Thursday we will launch a new discount for different products. There is only one discount code: PROTHU, which will be active every Thursday for the offer running that week. 

This week you can save 50% by purchasing the YOOTheme extensions.

YOOTheme plugins discount

Now you can get all YOOTheme extensions for half price!

We currently offer 4 plugins that work with YOOTheme:

  • DJ-Catalog2 Integrator - Plugin integrating DJ-Catalog2, the catalog and eCommerce solution with YOOtheme page builder. 
  • DJ-Accessibility - Accessibility plugin dedicated for the YOOtheme Pro page builder.
  • DJ-ContentFilters plugin - Plugin for creating unlimited search filters for your own directory of content based on Joomla! Articles and Fields.
  • DJ-FlipBook - plugin purposed for displaying PDF files in a fancy flipbook.

To take advantage of this offer, enter the coupon code at the checkout page: PROTHU

This offer starts now and is available today only on 3rd March (23:59 GMT+1), so be sure you grab this opportunity before it's gone.

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