Dating portal template with DJ-Classifieds

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Dating portal template with DJ-Classifieds
13 January 2015
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Dating portal template with DJ-Classifieds

26 November, 2021

JM Dating is the latest Joomla 3 template released from

It was designed especially for a dating portal. The template uses our DJ-Classifieds extension and is based on fanastic EF4 Framework.


The demo version contains classifieds with disabled prices (due to the purpose of a template) but you can enable them again.

DJ-MediaTools is another our fantastic extension used here. It's important to remind that DJ-Classifieds is integrated with DJ-MediaTools.

All our Joomla extensions implemented with this template are included for FREE.

EF4 powerful Joomla Framework provides many helpful settings to configure. With EF4 you'll be able to modify the template's design in few minutes.

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