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Testers wanted - DJ-Classifieds 3.6
03 January 2017
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Testers wanted - DJ-Classifieds 3.6

26 November, 2021

We are looking for testers for DJ-Classifieds 3.6 Release Candidate.

It is going to be released soon as Stable. However, as usual, we would like to give it some real tests before going officially stable to be sure we can provide a quality product.

Where to get it?

If you are an active subscriber of DJ-Classifieds, you can download RC version from the downloads section.

There are also links to:

  • draft of the changelog
  • selections of new tutorials for new features
  • a survey with simple questions about your thoughts on this version.

How can you help?

We want to ask testers to check new features, and let us know if everything works well and as expected.

We would also like to know if everything works well with Joomla Monster classified ads templates.

The stable version is planned to be released within 1-3 weeks after the RC version.

What's new?

New improvements including:

  • Promotion durations
  • The recently viewed adverts feature 
  • Better dates handling (multilanguage + formatting in custom fields)
  • Anonymous statistics
  • Send attachments privately from user profile to administrator
  • New triggers for developers
  • Custom Google Map styles

Important: This version is not stable, and you need to be sure not to test it on production sites.

What's next?

After releasing the stable 3.6 version, we start working on:

  • location module
  • ajax search
  • search alerts

You can browse more requests, vote for them and submit yours on our feedback forum.

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