Test the latest Beta of DJ-ImageSlider

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Test the latest Beta of DJ-ImageSlider
10 May 2019
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Test the latest Beta of DJ-ImageSlider

26 November, 2021

We have prepared the 4.1 beta version of DJ-ImageSlider for you to test and would love to hear your feedback!

This is a big new release that brings many new features in slides customization allowing you to prepare the slides with a more personal touch. Additionally, we have updated the module parameters for the better organization of the slideshows setup.

As you know DJ-ImageSlider lets you create unlimited slides and display them in modules. Now you can customize each module even more than before.

By using the latest features you make creative sliders that will have unregular shapes, customized colors for each element of the slider.
Basically, you can customize the overall look of the slider by setting the shape of it with the border-radius feature, add a special touch with different fonts for title, description and customize its colors.

Adding these features to the already available description length position, color and transparency settings, custom bullets and it's positioning + behavior the sky is the limit.

For each slide you can control the display of each of the elements (hide or show title, description, read more), customize the read more text, set linking of the title, description or even restrict the number of the characters in the description or positioning of the control buttons.

See what changed in free Joomla! Slideshow

Now you will find more settings in the 'Customize Slider" tab in each DJ-ImageSlider module.

The new parameters include settings for:

Fonts customization

  • Title color, transparency, font
  • Description color, transparency, font
  • Readmore color, transparency, font

You can use generic system fonts or Google Fonts for each of the mentioned elements (title, description, read more).

Border radius for slide module

You can also add the CSS border-radius element that will make the slider more attractive.

See the example border-radius trick that can make the slide with a nice shape:

To get a similar effect as on the above screenshot, you can enter: 

30% 70% 70% 30% / 30% 30% 70% 70%

to the Border radius field:

Download the 4.1 Beta version of DJ-ImageSlider

Remember that this is a beta so make a backup first if you're testing it on the live site (nothing should break, but it's always good to make a backup:)

Please let us know your thoughts in comments below. Maybe we should add something more to the stable release? Do you miss any feature?

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