Introducing Update Day: The Virtual Joomla! Event

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Introducing Update Day: The Virtual Joomla! Event
07 November 2016
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Introducing Update Day: The Virtual Joomla! Event

26 November, 2021


Learn how you can be apart of a new kind of event. Update Day has something for everyone that uses Joomla! from newbies to professional developers. See for yourself...

Update Day is a 24 hour virtual event designed to help people update their Joomla! website(s) with free assistance from leading experts. The event is being held on November 28th. Participating organizations include: Perfect Dashboard, Extly, Arc Technology Group, and DJ-Extensions to name a few.

Why Virtual

In effort to reach Joomla's global community and make it easy to participate, Update Day will be help as a virtual event. All activities will be done via the web and comfort of your armchair.

The Goal

As a first time initiative, the Update Day team has set a modest goal of performing 100 updates. The updates include installations, extensions, and templates.

The Perks

Besides the ability to learn and be apart of something awesome, each Update Day participant will receive a virtual gift bag filled with discounts and special offers on popular Joomla! extensions and templates.

I Want to Help

You can help make the first Update Day a success by spreading the news among your network and customers. Simply link to the Update Day website or social profiles (Twitter or Facebook). If you produce Joomla! products, you can be a sponsor by offering a coupon code that we can add to our virtual gift bag. Best of all, there's no financial investment required.

How to Participate

Simply subscribe to the mailing list on the Update Day website if you're interested in being a virtual event attendee and receive free update assistance on November 28th.

Update Day is going to be blast. With Joomla! support from leading professionals and awesome giveaways. Don't miss the first Update Day. Best of all, you participate from the comfort of your home or office.

Here are the links, check them out:


It should be mentioned that we are teamed up with Perfect Dashboard. Most of our Joomla extensions were updated to handle Perfect Dashboard and rely on Joomla system updates!

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