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Most popular DJ-Extensions - Image Slider & Classifieds
10 May 2016
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Most popular DJ-Extensions - Image Slider & Classifieds

26 November, 2021

Spreadthejoomlalove presents the Periodic table of Joomla extensions based on users ratings and reviews.

As you can see in the table (it brings together 7700 extensions), our extensions are very high in the ranking. That makes us very happy and proud!

This ranking includes all Joomla extensions that belong to JED (Joomla extensions directory). JED is a service provided to the Joomla community, run by a group of JED Team volunteers and showcases the best Joomla extensions in the web.

DJ-ImageSlider takes the place number 30 in the ranking. It's a free, responsive and very popular Joomla slider. This Joomla extension has many reviews and most of them are 100% positive!

We are pleased that our free extension is so praised and also very useful to thousands of Joomla users.

The ranking place number 88 belongs to DJ-Classifieds. It's our commercial Joomla classifieds extension purposed for creating classified ads. DJ-Classifieds is also a very popular and worldwide known component. The fact that this extension has been rated so highly is an honor for us.

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