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Monday, 09 June 2014 00:00
Super Summer Sale 50%+ 4.4 out of 5 based on 13 votes.

Have you ever wanted to buy one of our extensions or a bundle but you couldn't afford it? Now it's the best time to get them.

Along with JoomlaShine we decided to start the summer (yes, we know it's still spring actually but don't nitpick) with something realy big. So here's the thing.

During five days, from June 9th to June 13th you can buy all extensions from DJ-extensions and all products of JoomlaShine for just half a price! Hurry up, this promotion will last only 5 days.

Use coupon code: SUMMER50OFF to get 50% discount for any:

Promotion ends on Friday June 13th 2014. Coupon code SUMMER50OFF works only on site. You'll find coupon code for JoomlaShine products on

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