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11 February, 2022
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Valentine's Day Sale 2022 - 50% OFF Storewide

11 February, 2022

Valentine's Day has never been sweeter, thanks to our February deal! Our customers are extra special for us, that's why we launched the 50% OFF sale on all products! 

Valentine's Deal details

The discount applies to all products, including:

To take advantage of this offer, enter the coupon code at the checkout page: LOVE2022

Purchase all products cheaper. Our offer starts now and is available until February 15th (23:59 GMT+1), so be sure you grab this opportunity before it's gone.

Some examples

  • Get DJ-Classifieds, the Joomla classified ads extension for €39 €78.00 only
  • Get DJ-Catalog2, the Joomla eCommerce and catalogue extension for €39 €78.00 only
  • Get DJ-MegaMenu, the Joomla menu extension for €18,5 €37 only
  • Get the Unlimited Plan, including all extensions and templates for €164 €328 only

Meet our latest plugins

Several new plugins for Joomla and WordPress have recently been released. Now you have the chance to get them with a 50% discount!

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator is a helpful Joomla tool for creating an eCommerce or product catalog website using DJCatalog2 and Yootheme's Page builder.

It provides deep integration between DJ-Catalog2 and YOOTheme Pro and allows Page Builder features with just a few clicks.

The plugin brings a layout feature for products just like YooTheme does for articles. This way, you can create different layouts for different products or take advantage of the pre-configured layouts.

Get DJ-Catalog2 Integrator for €28,5 €57 only.


DJ-Accessibility is a set of tools to help people with disabilities navigate the site. Use its' options to improve the accessibility of your website! You can display accessibility options in a pop-up or a toolbar on your page.

DJ-Accessibility works with Joomla and WordPress! It's also integrated with the YOOTheme Pro Builder.

Get DJ-Accessibility for €17.50 €35 only.


With the DJ-FlipBook plugin, you can display PDF files in a modern way (eye-catching files cards).

PDF files can be presented as a grid with an image and description and all the grid element settings to make it fit your website best. You can add a title, description, image, and metadata to each of your PSFs files.

Get DJ-FlipBook for €5 €10 only. 


DJ-ContentFilters is another Joomla plugin dedicated to YOOtheme Pro PageBuilder released by us.

With the DJ-ContentFilters, you can quickly build your Joomla! core articles-based content search directory. It can be a business, recipes, vehicles, or any other directory of your choice.

Set up a search filter section that meets your needs with just a few clicks. Add your favorite restaurants, your favorite destinations in the city, or create a cookbook website with tons of recipes. The only limit is your creativity!

Get DJ-ContentFilters for €22.50 €45 only.

Simple and flexible pricing

Each product on the DJ-Extensions website can be purchased in three different pricing plans:

Mini Plan 

  • 6 months of downloads, updates, and support
  • Unlimited domains
  • No recurring payment 

Regular Plan

  • 1 year of downloads, updates, and support
  • Unlimited domains
  • No recurring payment

Unlimited Plan

  • All templates & extensions
  • 1 year of downloads, updates, and support
  • Unlimited domains
  • No recurring payment

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