We teamed up with Perfect Dashboard!

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We teamed up with Perfect Dashboard!
25 August 2016
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We teamed up with Perfect Dashboard!

26 November, 2021

We’d like to introduce you to our new partner - Perfect Dashboard.
With Perfect Dashboard you can update Joomla & WordPress with One-Click, test and validate websites after every update automatically and verify backups automatically!

Some of other features:

  • Genuine Test Engine
  • Automated Backup Verification in Cloud
  • Custom Changes Detector
  • Not Limited to WordPress & Joomla
  • Automated TO DO list
  • Remote Development Environments
  • Git Integration

Perfect Dashboard provides free account with 3 weeks free Pro features and allows you to:

  • protect brand reputation
  • save 50% time spent on updates
  • manage more websites & increase income
  • make the Internet a safer place

Most of our extensions were just updated to handle Perfect Dashboard and rely on Joomla system updates!

Updated extensions:

  • DJ-MediaTools
  • DJ-Catalog2
  • DJ-Reviews
  • DJ-MegaMenu Free
  • DJ-MegaMenu Pro
  • DJ-Tabs
  • DJ-Flyer

Since now every time an extension listed above receives an update you’ll notice Joomla system notification, like this one:

and once clicked you’ll see extensions ready for the update:

If you have entered your license key to the component as explained here you can update the extension regular way as any other Joomla extension from the above view (Extensions -> Manage -> Update).

If your license key was not entered or expired and you’ll try to update the extension you’ll see this box:

If you click the green button you’ll be redirected to Perfect Dashboard where you can create new account (or log in to your current one if you’re already registered) and start managing your sites. and get information about all extensions that needs to be updated.
What’s great about Perfect Dashboard is that basing on your email address they will scan websites that are integrated with them to let you find your subscriptions. This is really handy feature that can also save time.

If you click the grey button you’ll be redirected to DJ-Extensions.com website where you can manage your account and find your license key or renew your subscription.

If you have any questions, let us know!

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