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Weekend promotion!
14 August 2015
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Weekend promotion!

26 November, 2021

It’s vacation time, it's hot and for sure you need 1 year subscriptions much cheaper so you can benefit all updates that will come :)  

Grab any Plus plan 35% OFF with this coupon code:


This promotion includes all single extension Plus plans and all Bundles with 1 year subscription (Plus plan).

Don’t wait as the promotion ends on Monday 17th August 23:59 GMT+2  

Remember that when you're renewing or extending (when you extend now the extra year will be added to your current subscription from the day it'd normally end) your subscription you get automatically additional 25% discount!

So, which extension you'll choose?

DJ-Classifieds, DJ-Catalog2, DJ-MediaTools, DJ-Reviews, DJ-MegaMenu, DJ-Tabs, DJ-Flyer, DJ-Suggester, DJ-CookieMonster or the Bundle?


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