Why Effective Intranets Should Rely on Joomla!

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Why Effective Intranets Should Rely on Joomla!
23 August 2016
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Why Effective Intranets Should Rely on Joomla!

26 November, 2021

Should you happen to find yourself tasked with the responsibility of constructing and managing an intranet for your business or organization, you’ll quickly realize that many different options are currently available. The Joomla! content management system is one such offering, and thanks to its ease of use and versatility, more and more companies are adopting it as their software of choice. In fact, huge corporations such as eBay and Citibank rely on it for their needs.

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Part of the appeal of Joomla! lies in the fact that it is such a simple, yet robust, software program. User-friendly for even the least of the tech savvy, anyone can download the software and create whatever they desire, including simple web pages, fully operational ecommerce shops, all the way up to a complex and effective organizational intranet. Joomla! is a free to download, open source program, meaning that anyone can make changes and create plug-ins as they see fit.

These plug-ins, also called extensions, allow users a way to expand beyond Joomla!’s initial offerings, and create a site that is tailored to their specific needs. There are literally thousands of different extensions available, with both free and paid options on the market. Many different extensions can be combined to create just the type of end product that’s desired.

Intranets are usually constructed when an organization has decided that they need a way for all of their key members to stay in touch, usually with the intention of producing measurable results. In the past, many different extensions would have to be downloaded as a way to keep everyone connected and to allow different types of content to be shared amongst everyone involved.
One great tools that many turn to is JomWALL, by Dashbite.com team. Amazingly effective and power-packed right out-of-the-box, JomWALL has been heralded for its ease of use, wide array of features, and the fantastic support provided by the engineers at Dashbite.

Social Communication Platform extension

JomWALL is an intranet extension that provides users the ability to communicate in real-time, including sending private messages to one or more participants. Rich-media content such as videos and photos can be shared instantly, and all the major platforms.

JomWALL includes build-in YouTube api and google maps, are able to  be easily incorporated. Users will also enjoy its responsive design and Google map location features. Groups can also be set-up and organized, which is tremendously helpful for those instances where you may require a select subset of members to tackle a specific portion of a project.

Another nice feature of JomWALL is that it allows for total customization. Aspects such as fields that require input, group names, and user profiles have the ability to be modified to your specific

JomWALL also allows for integration with many of the other top Joomla! extensions currently available, including fan-favourite social networking tool Community Builder, Easysocial, Jomsocial, Easyblog
Easysocial, Easydiscuss, Jbolo ETC . With all of the solutions it combines along with its ease of use, JomWALL 4 could be the all-in-one answer to making your company another adopter of Joomla! powered

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