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Winners about their work
28 October 2013
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Winners about their work

26 November, 2021

We asked laureates to write a few words about their websites. It proved to be very interesting lecture. Feel invited to read it for inspiration!


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I'm an independent Italian watchmaker, I make watches, wrist Italian watches. The website represents my company and shows the watch collection, including additional technical information.



I used DJ-Catalog2 with tabs for displaying the models. I found it very impressive, simple to manage and perfectly tuned with my website image. It's a great tool, I'm happy to use it, it makes the website elegant and shining. Support is great too.

Thanks guys, excellent work.


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Dindog is a directory for dog lovers and professionals of this sector. This is the biggest directory in this sector, because it includes all kind of professionals and business related to the dogs' world in Spain. Dogs' owners can find all kind of services and professionals for his/hers dog on our page. This is a serious directory created by the professionals, where users can vote and comment on the professionals’ jobs and their services, which could help other users to find what they are looking for.

Through Dindog, you can look for a vet, hairdresser, dog trainer etc. near to the place, and you can sort results by price, votes, schedule, etc. We also have community sections, e.g. our forum or blog, that allows you to speak with other users and to submit questions to the professionals.

If you have a dog, Dindog is all that you need.


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The idea of a website was born in the winter of 1999 / 2000. I loaded it onto my free AOL web space and won “site of the month” winning a free copy of Dreamweaver. It was called “Chris Iles’ Bird Site”.

The site became my online diary for recording my breeding attempts with bird species and it slowly grew in popularity. It needed an identity and was christened “birdtrek” in 2001. I decided to add an advert page which was free and simple to use. Firstly using bare code, then progressing to php scripting, then free CMS software.

I am 'self taught' and the use of the site's facilities are entirely free. The site for a number of years has enjoyed a visitor total of around 40,000 per month, using the site to buy and sell pet birds with no hidden costs in a safe and friendly environment.

When DJ-Extensions introduced DJ-Classifieds I was one of their first customers, it proved to be one of my best decisions.


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