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Introducing updated AJAX app for DJ-Classifieds (Infinite scrolling, masonry layout, progress bar)
08 December 2017
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Introducing updated AJAX app for DJ-Classifieds (Infinite scrolling, masonry layout, progress bar)

26 November, 2021

We have added a couple of great new features to the Ajax App for DJ-Classifieds.

Infinite scroll, masonry layout and progress bar!

Due to the release of a great new template from - myOffers (you should check this out!), we have updated the Ajax Search plugin.

Pagination and infinite scroll (lazy loading)

The previous version of DJ-Classifieds AJAX App could switch pages with the Ajax calls, but the update that comes in version 1.3.1 brings the new quality to it. Now you can set it to load the next items while you are scrolling the category/search result page!

As you can see the exemplary image the items are being dynamically loaded when scrolling.

This infinite scroll solution can be enabled by opening the System - DJ-Classifieds Ajax plugin and selecting "Yes" in "On Pagination" setting, then "Yes" in "Items Lazy Loading" and selecting the way you want the pagination to be displayed. Possible options:

  • Hide - no pagination will be visible
  • Show - Display pagination at the bottom of the page
  • Fixed - the pagination is displayed in fixed, top-right position (check if this works fine with your template as in some cases it may need a little CSS styling in your template to look fine)

Masonry Layout

With the infinite scroll/lazy loading feature, we have also introduced the Masonry layout.

You can enable the masonry layout available in “Pagination options” tab.

This way the items will fit one after another with different heights displaying as the masonry layout.

Enabling this feature will disable the equal height script and make the items fitting nicely in Masonry layout.

See the example: 

Check the myOffers template demo to see how the lazy loading/infinite scroll looks like. Just scroll down to reveal the next items.

Progress Bar

You can enable the little nifty scroller bar that shows the progress when loading the new items.

The updated version of the Ajax Search App is available in the downloads section.

You can update it by downloading and installing over your current version.

Questions? Leave a comment!

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