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[FREE] Events Management Extensions for Joomla - DJ-Events
31 May 2017
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[FREE] Events Management Extensions for Joomla - DJ-Events

26 November, 2021

We're pleased to introduce you to our new free Joomla extension.

DJ-Events is the events management Joomla extension we want to develop more to meet our users' needs.

For now, DJ-Events is in Beta stadium, and we are gathering feedback from users to find possible bugs before it will go stable.

The most prominent features you can find in current Beta version are:

  • Recurring events
  • Locations details with Google Maps integration
  • Tags
  • Price information
  • External URL of the event
  • Media - pictures and videos
  • Calendar module
  • Search module
  • Tags module
  • You can list events by week or show all events in one list
  • Events can be categorized so the search module can handle deep filtering for the category, keyword and dates (from - to)
  • front-end submissions
  • JEvents import
  • DJ-MediaTools integrations

DJ-Events is a free extension, but we do not exclude the option of making the PRO version with more features in future.

If you have any suggestions about the path, the development should go. If you think that DJ-Events could have some features you have not found in other events extensions - tell us! We have prepared the category on our feedback forum for DJ-Events, where you can post your ideas. 

Just go to Our Feedback forum and choose the DJ-Events category:

  • Leave your idea and look how others are voting on it. We usually try to pick the ideas that get most of the votes for further development.
  • You can also post a comment below.

Hope you like the new extension!

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