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DJ-MediaTools 2.17 - Joomla slideshow and image gallery updated with a new layout and optimized options
26 November 2021
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DJ-MediaTools 2.17 - Joomla slideshow and image gallery updated with a new layout and optimized options

26 November, 2021

New features

Implemented Horizontal Swipe layout for Joomla galleries

DJ-MediaTools is one of the popular gallery extensions for Joomla, where users can now use the Horizontal Swipe layout. The image gallery extension now offers 11 different layouts to choose from. This layout especially shows its capabilities when displayed on mobile devices and operated with a touch swiping. On desktops/laptops with touchpads, you can swipe left and right with a finger (on mobile devices) or with left/right gestures on touchpads.

The Horizontal Swipe layout is mobile friendly with swipe feature and allows you to create a modern-looking photo gallery with a unique way of presenting images. It can be used for an event gallery, creating portfolios or showcases, or any other beautiful Joomla gallery. Swipe and responsive layouts are a very common solution used on Joomla websites.

You should also know that the gallery component is a responsive photo and video tool for displaying videos, for example, a youtube or Vimeo video, embed video from youtube and uploaded video files.

Video examples of horizontal swipe layout

The new layout works great on laptops or desktops with touchpads where users can navigate the slides easily by swiping left and right as well as on mobile devices by swiping the screen. See the examples from one of the websites where DJ-MediaTools was used to display the news (from Joomla articles) below:

Horizontal swipe on desktop - swiping left and right on touchpad:

Horizontal swipe on mobile - swiping left and right on mobile phone screen:

Implemented opacity parameter for Horizontal Swipe layout in Joomla gallery

In addition, we have introduced an opacity parameter only for this image galleries layout, which works for backgrounds. You can set the opacity level for the background color. The opacity-level describes the transparency level, where 1 is not transparent at all, 0.5 is 50% see-through, and 0 is completely transparent.

See the Horizontal Swipe layout examples.

New Control Panel layout

The DJ-MediaTools, Joomla gallery control panel now has a new modern responsive, more transparent look.

Learn more about the DJ-MediaTools control panel

Navigation in Album edit in the backend

The custom items edit view now includes two new buttons:

  • Previous item
  • Next item

The Next item/Previous item buttons work within the album assigned to the selected slide (item.) These buttons allow simple image gallery users to switch between items only from a selected Joomla photo gallery extension album while editing a custom item. This way, after saving the edit of a custom item, the user can quickly and easily switch to the edit of the next one without leaving the edit and choosing the item from the list.

Learn more about creating custom items in DJ-MediaTools

Restructuring of component options to make DJ-MediaTools even more simple image gallery

Some of the gallery for Joomla options have undergone restructuring. The order in which they are displayed has changed. We believe that the improved segregation into sections will make the options even more user-friendly and digestible. The new order of options works for:

  • Album module settings
  • Presets settings
  • DJ-MediaTools album settings
  • Component options
  • Single album View in the menu items

Learn more about DJ-MediaTools configuration

Important: We would like to remind you that there is a specific hierarchy in the DJ-MediaTools Joomla component due to several possible item configurations: global settings, album settings, and settings from the menu and module level. The hierarchy of inheriting from lowest to highest priority is Global component settings » Album settings » Module/Menu item settings.

Learn more about the inheritance (hierarchy) of settings in DJ-MediaTools

Bug fixes

The latest DJ-MediaTools/ Joomla gallery update also brings some other changes:

Fixed issue with border personalization

The system is resistant to the absence of a defined value related to "border parameters"- previously, an error occurred when no value was entered.

Fixed issue with filtering in DJ-MediaTools backend

Custom items view used parameters from the album context. It resulted in an incorrect display of pagination or filtering view.

Other photo and video gallery free fixes are:

  • Fixed issue with frontend album saving
  • improved navigation of clickable elements over the slides in layouts

DJ-MediaTools integration for DJ-Classifieds ads galleries 

The integration between DJ-MediaTools Joomla gallery and DJ-Classifieds Joomla classified ads extension allows displaying DJ-Classifieds adverts galleries with DJ-MediaTools image gallery layouts.

See the example of the single ad with DJ-MediaTools slider

What is DJ-MediaTools Joomla image gallery, slideshows, and slider extension?

It's a responsive gallery and slideshow extension for Joomla that offers multiupload and drag and drop features. It allows to easily create beautiful galleries or eye-catching slideshows with flexible and responsive layouts containing images, videos, or content automatically fetched from other extensions. If you are looking for a free version of the Joomla extensions for displaying slideshow or galleries, you should consider using the DJ-ImageSlider, which is an alternative, ideal solution for creating unlimited groups and slides and put them anywhere on the site (including inside Joomla articles). DJ-MediaTools offers stunning grid layouts, masonry, and slideshows.

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