DJ-MediaTools new version released

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DJ-MediaTools new version released
08 October 2013
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DJ-MediaTools new version released

26 November, 2021

DJ-MediaTools version 2.0 is now available! It brings lots of new features and repaired issues submitted by users. We welcome you to download this version to access all the improved functions!

The most important new features:

  • multiupload
  • drag and drop ordering
  • quick titles changing
  • grid gallery layout improvements
  • responsive
  • css3 animations
  • more effects
  • touchscreen friendly
  • new album creation from article

Fixed issues:

  • fixed unwritable video field in custom item
  • fixed mootools more loading with slider layout
  • missing strings in other languages are replaced with English
  • customise options collected in one tab
  • fixed some validation bugs
  • grid gallery layout is now responsive
  • grid gallery layout uses css3 transitions if browser supports it

And much more!

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