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Joomla Gallery updated version released (DJ-MediaTools ver. 2.9.2)
19 May 2017
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Joomla Gallery updated version released (DJ-MediaTools ver. 2.9.2)

26 November, 2021

We have just updated our Joomla gallery and slideshows extension to the new version adding some new stuff and fixing some.

Better Album handling

We have added an improved option for Slides/images edition when uploading or editing them in Album settings.

Earlier you could only edit the title of the slide/image once uploading it. It looked like this:

Starting from version 2.9.2 you can also edit the description of the slide:

What more?

  • Compatibility with EasyBlog 5.1+ added.
  • Added DJ-Events album source plugin (the DJ-Events extension will be released soon)
  • We have also fixed the keyboard navigation between items in items details view (modal view) in Firefox.

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