Thursday, 17 December 2015 14:51
Modified: Friday, 18 December 2015 15:30

Joomla gallery and slideshow extension

We've just released major update for DJ-MediaTools.

This is a big step forward for this great gallery and slideshow extension.

What's new?

The biggest change we're introducing is rewriting all to jQuery. Now, as Joomla dropped MooTools and switched to jQuery as more popular javascript library, all views of DJ-MediaTools are based on jQuery. It also means less conflicts with other extensions.

The other important change is replacing Modal with Magnific Popup (item's view in modal window) - that solves issues with Bootstrap in Joomla (and looks nicer - see below).

DJ-MediaTools modal view

  • Better mobile views and responsiveness of the slideshow (mobile views)
  • Improved Virtuemart 3+ compatibility
  • Improved videos embedding for LiveLeak and Yahoo! Movies
  • See the whole list of changes in changelog

What else?

All active subscribers can update DJ-MediaTools from their extension's manager or find it in download section.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact us via helpdesk!