Updated DJ-MediaTools is here (version 2.7)

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Updated DJ-MediaTools is here (version 2.7)
28 June 2016
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Updated DJ-MediaTools is here (version 2.7)

26 November, 2021

New version of DJ-MediaTools with new integration plugins, improved responsiveness and new features is now available.

Check what was added, fixed and improved:

Improved responsiveness

Updated layouts for:

  • slideshow
  • slideshow with thumbnails
  • modern slider
  • tabber

All of them were updated to use CSS only instead of JS for size recalculation - that brings better behavior on mobile devices and smaller screens.

J2Store album source plugin

New integration plugin for J2Store was added. This integration allows to display J2Store products with wide range of settings:

You can of course choose the categories (include or exclude and:

  • decide if you want to include child category articles (and it's depth)
  • choose to display featured articles, hide them or display only them
  • set the ordering (there are 10 options) and it's direction
  • show price, cart, quantity box, add to cart button
  • choose which image will be used (article or product image) and how it'll be linked (to article view or product view)
  • and few other settings

DJ-Catalog2Gallery source plugin

This integration let's you display product images/pictures as DJ-MediaTools Gallery which gives multiple options (DJ-MediaTools layouts) to display the products.

Learn all about this integration: DJ-MediaTools integration - display images in the products with any DJ-MediaTools layout!

Improved linking with slides

You can set Target window attributes for each slide, the possible options:

  • Parent Window - link will open in same card in your browser
  • New Window - link will open in new card in your browser
  • Auto - when the link is internal it'll open in same card and if it's external it'll open in New Window

For each slide you can also set the REL Attribute, possible options:

  • None
  • alternate
  • author
  • bookmark
  • help
  • license
  • next
  • nofollow
  • noreferrer
  • prefetch
  • prev
  • search
  • tag

Albums hidden on Album List

This new feature allows to decide for every Album if it'll be visible on the Album list. This way you can exclude albums you don't want to be visible when listing all Albums.

To enable this feature go to the Album -> Edit Album tab -> click "Show all options"

Skip X first items

You can skip few first album items to start displaying album from some desire item. Use this feature to display the same album divided into different layouts, e.g. you can display first 5 items with slideshow layout using the module and the rest of the album items display on gallery grid layout using component view.

This feature is available in DJ-MediaTools module.

Learn more and get DJ-MediaTools!

Important: This update is available for free for all active subscribers of DJ-MediaTools. If your subscription expired you can renew it with 25% discount!

If you have any qustions regarding this update let us know in the comments or directly on our helpdesk. 

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