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Another awesome update of DJ-MegaMenu
01 February 2017
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Another awesome update of DJ-MegaMenu

26 November, 2021

The latest DJ-MegaMenu 3.5.0 version brings another awesome features for desktop and mobile menu. You can now create responsive full-width submenu with percentage divided columns or change base/root item for the displayed menu tree. We've improved the menu accessibility, displaying huge submenu in the sticky menu mode and rendering off-canvas mobile menu.

Full width submenu [Pro version]

Responsiveness is one of the key assumptions when you're creating modern website. Mobile menu version of the menu is the best solution for phones, but for tablets in horizontal view or all different desktop resolutions your website navigation should also fit the available window width. This is why we've added the feature to display fully responsive submenu in the mega menu. Learn how to setup submenu to be 100% menu wide.

 You can see the above example live on our demo website.


"Base item" to start the menu from [Free & Pro version]

This is known feature of standard Joomla menu module which allows to display menu from selected menu item as a root. It allows to render menu starting from 2nd or higher level of the menu, you just need to select the base item and set the start level to one level higher than selected menu item.

 This is how the menu will render with these settings:


Submenu scrolling in the sticky menu mode [Pro version]

The submenu layout of the mega menu in sticky menu mode has been updated to allow users to access all the submenu elements even if it's higher than window height - in such case the additional scroll for submenu is displayed.


Page rendering for off-canvas mobile menu [Free & Pro version]

Off-canvas mobile menu option requires the additional wrapper containers for the whole page body. We have added option to add those containers on the server side instead of creating them through javascript. It prevents unnecessary page repainting and fixes such issues as not working html5 video autoplay.


Another new features:

  • Accessibility support added for mobile menu open and close buttons and for menu icons - we have added aria-label and aria-hidden attributes for menu elements for better compatibility with screen readers.
  • Opening the submenu in mobile menu on desktop fixed - there was a bug that forced to click "plus" icon twice to open the submenu. One you need to click only once.

More info

  • You can check the complete changelog here
  • Check this mega menu for Joomla product page here
  • Big thanks to Bonitto Daley, Jr. of iCandy Webs for contribution to this update!
  • Do you have any questions? let us know in comments.