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Mobile update for Mega Menu: color customizer, wcag and more
15 January 2016
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Mobile update for Mega Menu: color customizer, wcag and more

26 November, 2021

DJ-MegaMenu just got another BIG update. With this one we've updated the mobile menus to get it more customizable with color customizer, increased mobile accessibility by adding support for keyboard for mobile menus, added few more improvements including making it faster when more instances are loaded and fixed some minor problems.

The most important improvements:

Mobile Menu Color Customizer

This new feature works similar to the desktop mega menu color customizer.
With this feature you can customize colors of Off Canvas and Accordion mobile menus.
Once you update your DJ MegaMenu with the 3.3 version you'll find new Mobile Menu Theme option in Mobile Menu Options tab

When the - custom - theme is chosen you can set your colors same way as for desktop menu:

Possible settings of colors include:

  • Open button background
  • Open button color
  • Menu background
  • Menu text
  • Menu subtitle
  • Active menu background
  • Active menu text
  • Active menu subtitle
  • Submenu background
  • Submenu text
  • Submenu subtitle
  • Active submenu background
  • Active submenu text
  • Active submenu subtitle
  • Module text

Thanks to this rich settings you can easily fit the mobile menu to your website without modification of CSS or any files. Just open the settings and feel free to play and find the best color settings.

WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 keyboard control for mobile menus

Another new feature that will help your site to be WCAG 2.0 compliant is option to navigate through the mobile menu with Tab key on the keyboard.

With the Tab key you can navigate forward and clicking Shift key + Tab gives the way back so it's easy to navigate through all the menus with the keyboard if some of your website users cannot use mouse or touchpad.

On the below animated gif you can see how it works (the key strokes are displayed). I'm using only three keys:

  1. Tab
  2. Shift (+Tab)
  3. Enter

Font Awesome updated to version 4.5

In version 4.5 Font Awesome added 20 new icons you can now use with DJ-MegaMenu (see how you can use font awesome icons and bootstrap icons)

These are most important features of version 3.3 update. All active subscribers can download the latest version from download section. If you have any questions regarding this version please leave the comments below.

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